Patrick George
Editor-in-Chief at Jalopnik. 2002 Toyota 4Runner.
May 6

Some things never change. 

Apr 16

That’s a perfect Jalop car, Cranz

Apr 15

Oh yeah, his browser tabs! It’s the most terrifying fucking thing. He has like 5,000 Chrome tabs at any given times. I don’t think he’s shut down his computer since like 2012.

Mar 31

I think it got pushed onto a flatbed, which I believe explains the reflector pieces we found outside. Fun day.

Dec 6

One time, Patrick invited me to get lunch with him. So we went to Planet Hollywood in Times Square, one door down from Jalopnik HQ. We ordered, then he realized he had a more important meeting to go to, and left me to eat a soggy salad by myself in the most depressingly cheerful restaurant I’ve ever been in. Read more

Dec 5

No no, we’re fine (blinks repeatedly) and don’t need you to send help (taps my own nose) because we are in mortal danger (nodding furiously)

Nov 23

I’ll tell you exactly what happened there. Our CEO made a bizarre comment during a meeting that rankled several people in it, including me. It was a comment not in the spirit of our wall between business and editorial, to say nothing of our union contract. But there have been no directives, no emails, no edicts to Read more

Nov 23

I absolutely resent the implication that “ad dollars” have anything to do with what content appears on this site, and in what form. I welcome you to produce any proof that that actually happens. Read more

Nov 22

We definitely had to pause a few times to wonder if we were being fucked with

Nov 21

As someone who’s covering this tonight and has shit to do tomorrow morning, this is the only thing I want

Nov 21

Too much Mustang on the site lately. I specifically went for some other choices. But the current GT is very good, and so was the last one when they added the 5.0.

Nov 21

I know this was meant to dunk on Steve back in the 1990s but I say anyone who DDs an Isetta today is cool as hell

Nov 16

Folks! Fred Smith (aka porsche9146 of Oppo fame) is gonna be helping out this weekend. Give him a warm welcome and let him know if his takes are good or not.

Nov 15

And you KNOW that shit is gonna happen! It can’t not. 

Nov 14

Honestly, the hyphen in Mach-E is what bothers me the most

Nov 13

Damn. I saw them live in Austin once and they put on a fantastic show. Need to make that happen again.