Oct 27

Hey readers, have a non-story that shows rage at something silly with a faint tinge of pop cultural subject matter and allows us to re-iterate how much we hate the rich. It will go under ‘Great Job Internet’ a category that encompasses anything we want. Read more

Oct 22

A toast to whoever it was who thought of AJ making Archer wait until she finished her drink

Oct 21

I disagree with that last bit of advice. Yes, all the Trump voters I’ve had the misfortune of working with (or even just briefly interacting with) have been awful people with pathologically low levels of empathy for everyone else. Read more

Oct 21

oh my god @OFH, please don’t stop seeing this man that makes you happy
who we vote for doesn’t change who we are as people and equating it to that is what has created this deep deep chasm of separation that exists in our world nowadays
why don’t you talk to him about why he votes for trump post coitally when he’s more Read more

Oct 14

So very much this. I’ll often call Dan out for bad advice, but it’s important to also recognize when he’s as dead-on as he is in that first letter.

Oct 11

I’d say he’s a proper “liberal” - specifically, the kind who almost always votes blue, but has exactly zero patience for the rich, suburban white kids who love to play dress up as “Woke.”

Oct 11

I don’t think “firmly liberal” really describes him. He’s more like a bemused contrarian who has contempt for sanctimony and preciousness in all its forms. He rejects the idea that it is mandatory to agree with or embrace any prevailing idea and pretty clear rejects what he thinks of as PC culture even if he doesn’t Read more

Oct 9

I don’t know how you could possibly think that this episode was suggesting “both sides are bad” or any sort of equivalency between Nazis and progressives. That’s just ridiculous. Some people fake/use progressivism in order to gain power and wealth; Neuman is one of those people. Read more

Oct 8

The Pacific is an ocean, and I understand a writer’s need to complete a phrase, but the author realizes that The Pacific was about land warfare in Japan, right?

Oct 4

Then fuck off. Fuck all the way off.  Keep fucking off until you hit the water.  And then start swimming.  To France.

Oct 2

Eh...if you’ve spent your time secretly recording conversations with someone in an attempt to sabotage them, and the best you’ve come up with is that they think the superficial aspects of the job are really superficial, you ought to just keep those tapes to yourself. That the media is so readily eating this up and Read more

Sep 30

He also looks uncannily like his grandfather at the same age. I bought into the whole “riding instructor” thing too, until I compared early Prince Philip pics. 

Sep 16

It seems important to point out that Dan didn’t say not to tell your kids you’re dating. He said not to introduce them to new partners until it seems like a fairly sure thing. Your kids don’t need to meet every person you date. 

Sep 11

For what it’s worth, I’m a Yank who grew up when most businesses in the States were closed on Christmas. I think it’s disgusting how many places are now open on the holiday, especially movie theaters (and I’m an atheist.) Stay the fuck home, people. It’s a goddamn holiday. The one bright spot to this pandemic is the Read more

Aug 24

The hell are you worried about, this is 1946. You’ll be able to sue her.