Peter Black, N+1 dreams on an N-1 budget
4:35 PM

the worst is if the tires are in the middle of their lives.

if its near ther end, its ahhh, screw it. if its near the start, you can slap a new one on no problem.

In the middle you are le fuckered

8:08 PM

my main issue in the past was my eyes, which have since been fixed (actually going for a touch up in dec)

school, I will be giving them a phone call tmw. I need to try and get to them ASAP as the new semester started today

4:11 PM

basicly, the canadian air force will train you to fly for them for free if you have a degree in...whatever.

I have a year to finishing my buisness degree. I MIGHT try and call up the school and see if I cant get it done in 1/2 the time.

Not navy because: i dont like water. go figure. 

3:45 PM

me and HVAC have a bad history together.

Im looking to apply to military in a year (will have a degree and will be doing air force) so i MIGHT look into getting school done faster).

oh well. I have until the 23rd until I lose my job, and I might take a few days to myself and just do homework and game. We shall see. 

3:30 PM

not bad. they are comission only (here it was hourly + com) but they seem to treat the employees better.

its also 1/2 the commute. and I have a lot of friends who work there as well.