Caitlin PenzeyMoog
Caitlin is the managing editor of The A.V. Club.
4/17/19 12:21AM

Just wanted to say that when you two introduced yourselves, I couldn’t help but think of Kathy and Cathy from Kids in the Hall. Read more

4/16/19 9:43AM

Great discussion, I had picked up on a few of the repeated scenes (recently reached the entire series), but missed some of the details. Terrific use of video too (vs. some video podcasts, which are just the audio version with two people sitting front of mics). Read more

4/16/19 8:26AM

This was super fun! For next week’s episode, I DARE you to recap it at a brunch place in NYC, while my boyfriend and I sit quietly across the table, hanging on your every word. We’ll cut little pieces of french toast for you to eat while the other person is talking. People are gonna love it, trust me. Read more

4/16/19 7:59AM

Loved this! And I very much appreciate how much you guys love Sansa. I always feel like she is the overlooked badass character, just because she isn’t a murderous sword fighter like her sister. She really has the most interesting arc of all of them. Sansa, as you said, begins as a complete star-struck mooncalf, and Read more

4/15/19 9:24PM

Nice job. Both insightful (quite so), and you kept it under 20 minutes! Brevity in podcasts is underrated!