Paul Blest
News editor, Splinter
2:00 PM

Bookmark this post and come back in ten years and laugh at how naive you were back then thinking high 90s in October was hot.

12:50 PM

Embid, Simmons et AL played their hearts out this post season. I’m very proud of my city’s hoops team. Now it’s the Phillies turn to take the reins to represent Philly for the rest of the spring and summer.

1:21 PM

Maybe, and I’m just spit balling here, it’s because there never was an existential threat from socialism to our communal existence, but there is a threat to the upper caste in this country from it, specifically the billionaire class.
Ever notice how the neocons and neolibs cannot pounce quick enough on the “threat” of Read more

3:35 PM

The stigma against community colleges really, REALLY needs to fucking die. Read more

12:25 PM

It’s sometimes important to stop and remind ourselves that, as much as the institutional Democratic Party is still haunted by the ghost of Walter Mondale and the drubbing they took in the ‘84 election, we have dragged the party a long way in the right direction over the last 20 years. It doesn’t feel like it at times,

5:40 PM

Whoa, I will miss him! This seems like a damn shame. I don’t know if anybody remembers — it was over two years ago, which was a long time in Trump Years, but Gutierrez was the only guy in the country who was smart enough to secure a bunch of tickets for a Trump rally in his hometown of Chicago. Read more