Patrick Klepek
Senior reporter at Kotaku, streaming Mario deaths at
May 12 2017

football is stupid and fuck the jets and fuck the bears and ESPECIALLY fuck the patriots

Nov 22 2016

I’m writing with Austin Walker and some others at VICE. (Specifically, under the Waypoint label.)

Jul 29 2016

The notifications have gotten better/easier to disable. Not sure what’ll happen after today.

Jul 14 2016

That has more to do with the streamers than with Twitch, though the service does limit what bitrate streamers can push out. It’s possible they could change that in the future.

Jul 8 2016

Hey, I’m from Chicago! Don’t try to take my job! But seriously, we tend to advertise when we’re looking for new writers.

Jul 8 2016

We definitely think about whether or not it’s “worth” spilling the beans on an unannounced game. It’s not something we take lightly, nor do we take pleasure in making developers upset. We simply try to do our jobs, which is to serve our readers, and it’s a responsibility we take really seriously.

Jul 8 2016

The better question is who’s able to login to Pokemon Go, honestly.