Patrick Boyle
4:41 PM

No, you gotta get to the abandoned workshop to get the second blade.  There’s just a force echo across the pipes and the three fans.  One of the big ones that upgrades your life or force power, I forget which.  

2:46 PM

Yeah — I’m trying to imagine the pitch: “Our business model is to make five bucks every time somebody rents a scooter and lose five hundred every time some drunk flings one into the duck pond.” {high volume cacophony of footsteps and overturned desks as venture capitalists stampede to give them money}

2:00 PM

Do you mean that in a “it’s better to be kneed in the balls than shot in the kneecap” sort of way? Because yeah, Lucas had a more cohesive story he told with his three prequel films, but it’s a sad example of a functioning trilogy. Heck, you can lose the Phantom Menace completely, and it really doesn’t affect the Read more

11:59 AM

The difference between the prequels and the sequels is interesting. The prequels are terrible, terrible, TERRIBLE movies that nonetheless have a specific story to tell. They do an absolutely horrific job of it on every conceivable level. Every character kind of sucks in their own sucky way and nobody seems to be Read more

9:56 AM

Nah. Minor changes were made to all of the films (mostly color correction and recompositing of/cleaning up effects shots) a few years back while they were being prepped for 4k scans. Whatever the fuck “Maclunkey” is supposed to be was slipped in by Lucas during that time.

4:41 PM

I just wish people could realize that what you are saying can be true and this movie can also still be rather bad in a lot of nearly objective ways related to very basic principles of story telling that largely transcend taste.

On top of that... these things can both be true and we can still like the movies for what Read more

3:53 PM

Granted, the hardcore fans would never have been happy, but you don’t need to be a fan to see the 3 movies are deeply thematically and tonally out of sync with each other due to lack of planning, as you pointed out originally is shown with the character arcs.

12:07 AM

Meh. They were right about some things, but Marx’s ideas for a revolution have always been flawed. It will invariably lead to an oppressive police state, which others pointed out at the time (Bakunin, for one) and has been borne out by history.

4:52 PM

I mean, what am I even meant to say to this? I feel like you just told me I stink and stuck your tongue at me then patted yourself on the back thinking you added to the discussion. Also how does someone WoW harder? What are you gonna subscribe multiple times for the lulz?

3:47 PM

One of the unfortunate side effects of Martin writing everything on an old Commodore that isn’t connected to anything is that Martin apparently underestimated how much information you can get out of an hour of googling fan theories. Say what you will about the wheat-to-chaff ratios that fan communities like Reddit Read more

4:45 PM

If it’s aiming for the realism of war, the part where you abandon the rebels to be ethnically cleansed should be interesting.

12:27 AM

If Epic bans a streamer for speaking out on Hong Kong, then I’ll be upset; so far they haven’t.  It’s not about how deep you are in their pockets, it’s about whether you let fear of losing Chinese money push you around.

4:12 PM

First, statement of biases: I enjoy the Disney-era Star Wars films. They have their issues, but so does Star Wars media of every generation. I haven’t seen Rebels but I’ve heard good things. Read more

9:03 PM

Then why did your social media team apologize to China first before any statement was given? OmegaLUL

1:36 PM

This argument that you should support Blizzard to support the rank and file workers is bad one. The people making the decisions at the top need these employees more than the employees need Blizzard. Read more

2:11 PM

Just an FYI, the Crown contributes more than they cost in tax due to the Crown lands being managed by the UK Govt (by a significant margin), not including the tourist dollars from the US. Everyone seems to forget this. Read more

4:36 PM

Whats amazing is the reason Apex doesn’t have Titans. It doesn’t have Titans because they couldn’t get it balanced and fun with the gameplay loop. Read more