Patrick Boyle
10:46 AM

The private equity dipshits in charge were looking to axe even stuff like the Funbag for not being sports related enough. The stuff they wanted to get rid of was the thing that set Deadspin apart and what made it profitable. I don’t normally care about sports but I’d still go there for certain articles because they

4:55 PM

There’s hundreds of websites you can go to that do nothing but rote news about games, no one is forcing you to come here and read articles you aren't interested in.

12:37 PM

Him carrying both at all times is an invention of the games. In the books, he only carries the silver sword with him if he’s on a job where it’s specifically useful.

8:52 AM

Someone needs to ask him about the post on Hearthstone's Weibo account about being outraged and upholding the dignity of the party/country, if he's going to claim China had nothing to do with it.

12:03 AM

Do you honestly think they’re not trying to figure out how to beat whatever team comp is on top? GOATS was incredibly difficult to beat at upper levels because just mathematically tanks have too much health and negate too much damage and CC through their abilities to be easily killed between all the supports and Read more

2:20 PM

Respawn picked the date specifically to go against Call of Duty when Battlefield was scheduled to come out something like a month earlier, then when it was too late for Respawn to change anything, DICE pushed BF back.

12:38 PM

You might not need a guide now but there are certainly some tricky ones in the first game. As I recall for one of them you have to get a super rare drop from enemies in a dungeon you can't reenter again after leaving, and don't really get any indication of this (where to find it and that you'll lose the chance to Read more

12:31 AM

The writing isn’t great because as detailed in a very long video series made on this very site, a single translator was given an absurdly short time frame to translate the entire game. Most of what I was hoping for from a proper FFVII remaster was a proper re-translation, like FFT got with its Vita release. A few of Read more

12:27 AM

A third is being incredibly generous, it’s not where near that much of it. It’s maybe a third of disk 1.

7:06 PM

Unless they’re completely changing the plot rather than just expanding it it can’t be, Jessie’s on the bike in the sequence they showed when she’s dead by the point it occurs in the original.

6:57 PM

That’s great and all, but I don’t really want to have to wait until I’m 50 and another 3 console generations have come and gone for a finished prettier FF7 action game. As it is I can’t wait for ‘FF7 remake episode 1: remaster' to come out in 8k for PS6 before the series is finished.

11:50 AM

He’s also talked about how Winds starts with I think 13 PoVs to juggle and that that number is going to shrink over the course of the book, having fewer povs to deal with instead of the number still increasing should make Spring easier too, in theory.

5:28 PM

Isn’t it a little weird to anyone else that a T rated game that’s incredibly popular with children, among other groups, is doing a cross promotion with a pretty hard R, violent, bloody action movie franchise? ‘The Reaper’ skin is one thing, actually adding John Wick though seems a weird choice.

12:03 PM

Indeed. It’s incredibly annoying that that seems to be where the narrative about anyone who didn’t like where they took the story is going. Those people absolutely exist, sure, but who cares about their opinions. Read more

6:44 PM

The prologue is White Walkers, monsters or if legends, appearing and killing men again. Jon’s story at the wall, a magical barrier originally built to keep them out, culminates in a pair of wights attacking the NW commander, prompting a grand expedition to investigate what’s going on and why ranging parties keep Read more

7:51 PM

No thanks to challenges, personally. I want to play the game, not feel like I have a list of chores that dictate how I’m going to play to complete when I log on.

5:53 PM

Polygon put out a story the other day about how they’re been working crazy hours to keep up the constant flow of Fortnite content.

3:49 PM

So they just repeatedly shot themselves in the foot then. Especially given the Anthem article it sounds like for Andromeda and then Anthem they just rebuilt all of the tools they used in Frostbite three times over? Management at Bioware needs to get their shit together.