Patrick Allan
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4:05 PM

Hey, thanks! Everything is fine! Scroll through the comments here and you’ll find what you’re looking for ;)

2:04 PM

I make it pretty clear that money can make many aspects of life easier. In fact, I say those exact words. I also say there’s nothing wrong with making “enough” so that you and your loved ones can live a comfortable life. We don’t have much of a choice but to try for that. If you think I—or Seneca for that matter—am Read more

3:54 PM

Darn that Epictetus guy’s editor. I’ll have to give him a call.

3:48 PM

K, you don’t like airports. Noted. Don’t spend time in them. I literally mention you in the first line of this piece. But not everyone has the happiness sucked out of them by simply existing within an airport. Some of us appreciate that time for what it is.

11:35 AM

Usually, it’s only a couple of hours. This example was on one of my trips to Japan. After exploring nonstop for two weeks, including a lot of walking, sitting in an airport terminal and doing “nothing” (as in napping, writing, editing photos, reading, watching Netflix, eating, drinking, etc.) until my late night Read more

4:13 PM

Maybe! And thanks for bringing this up—it’s good to point out that you should do whatever your physician recommends :)

5:20 PM

It was something I considered, but I wanted to keep the focus of this piece on the conflict itself—where and why it began, and how it might finally be ending. If I ever do an explainer-type piece specifically on North Korea, that will certainly be included.

3:44 PM

I’m with you. I like monkeys because I think they’re hilarious, but apes like chimpanzees, orangutans, and gorillas scare me. They’re so strong...

6:24 PM

I’d say dwelling on the aspects of reality, and letting them hold you down, is much different than accepting reality. For example, I know I must die, I know I am gradually approaching death (memento mori)... but I don’t lament my fate and stop trying to live well because of it. Read more

11:49 AM

Yeah, “stripper clips” right? (I’ve fired a Yugoslavian SKS or M59/66) But I mean those are rarely what people in the news/media are talking about. Most of the time “clip” is referring to a spring-loaded magazine, but fair to point out! (also updated the text above to avoid any confusion, thanks!)