Pat's Thoughts?
Oct 21

My guess - given that Looking Glass explicitly mentioned it as a conspiracy theory when interrogating the guy - is that the squid rain is a government-run psyop. A routine and non-lethal way to keep the threat of an interdimensional attack real in the mind of the public. (I could also see this as a long-term insurance Read more

Aug 9 2016

Looking good! Like the nod to the classic headband and wristbands, then just moving on. Updated for the 21st Century.

Jul 8 2016

Evan, I love having you on io9. These comic recaps are amazing.

May 9 2016

Funny how both Batman v. Superman and Captain America: Civil War had their films stolen from under them by supporting players. The only thing I wanted after seeing BvS (besides a stiff drink) was to see Wonder Woman. After CACW I want to a Black Panther movie, the new Spider-Man movie and hell, I’m only now excited Read more

May 9 2016

It’s funny, because everyone here in the comments who’s siding with Iron Man is completely ignoring that bit of Cap’s dialogue from the movie and part of me is wondering if maybe they showed two slightly different movies to different audiences.

May 9 2016

I sided with Captain America. He did not want himself or the team to be a weapon that is deployed only when it aligns with someone else’s political agenda.

May 9 2016

When they were in that tiny VW I was wishing the movie was the three of them travelling around together on a quest to help Bucky, maybe throw in them meeting up with other characters at various points.

May 9 2016

Therein lies the beauty. I am team cap but thought tony was being the idiot. But when you see either story you empathise with both. Tony is an idiot for jumping on the accords, but tries every step of the way to compromise with cap. Cap is an idiot for keeping his mouth shut about the paycho assassins and bucky, but Read more