Chris Person
Senior video producer of Kotaku. I make Highlight Reel. Send your clips to
Mar 23

I’m glad they have the normal movement system. Even watching the teleporting movements is extremely irritating for some reason.

Jul 10 2019

Thanks for your consideration Chris. I really appreciate it. I also hope the community is able to reform itself, but I’m not holding my breath on it without significant developer buy in. The best example I can think back to are the first few years of League of Legends. That community was very toxic and hostile, and Read more

Mar 20 2019

They will, soon. This video isn’t meant to be a breakdown or anything, just a demonstration of gameplay. There’d be no point in writing an article for that.

Feb 1 2019

Another Highlight Reel posted... Aaah, all is right with the world again!

Jan 11 2019

The RE2 hype is real. Even Spider-Man’s got a Tofu mode now!

Nov 5 2018

If Highlight reel was nothing but Red dead 2 clips forever I would be perfectly fine with it. These are awesome. :)

Sep 17 2018

The Spiderdive and the pigeon chase were comic gold. Amazing.

Sep 10 2018

Welcome to the Open World game.  Every Open World game has a pile of bugs.  Alot of them, you never see.   Social media has made it far easier to view them as everybody posts everything these days.