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Nov 21

Howdy everyone. Highlight Reel is going to be once-a-week from now on, every Thursday. There’s a lot of reasons for this, but the main reason is that I’m the senior video producer for the site and doing two videos a week by myself on top of managing everything else was getting really unsustainable. I’ll try to make Read more

Nov 15

That was an editorial fuck up on my end and I totally missed it. I’ve reuploaded the episode and am deeply sorry about including it.

Sep 27

I try to make it clear in the headlines that it isn’t actually a real person getting thrown into space with a briefcase, but I also try to keep it fun.

Jul 10 2019

I am sympathetic to this, and have been reading the reactions within the community. It seems mixed. Of course you have a lot of bandwagon-y types that are just going in to be reactionary, deus vult nationalists, but you also have a lot of people within that community that share these concerns, think the whole Read more

Jun 20 2019

We’re transitioning to a new video backend so we’re using the YouTube embed for now.

Anyway, we’re back!

May 31 2019

Lenny, I’m glad I could be of service. Also laughing at referring to it as a Harvest.

Apr 26 2019

I was tempted to go with JoJo for the headline but Fist of the North Star has seniority here

Mar 20 2019

Only briefly, and only because he got sent a code after making that video and had played that part already.

Mar 20 2019

Not gonna lie, it’s kinda weird that my voice elicits a pavlovian response like that now.

Mar 20 2019

Shrapevil and Hadjimurad are correct, the video is meant to be more of a let’s play and not so much of a qualitative analysis. We answer some very basic questions in the video. I am trying to keep our dialogue brief and limited to play commentary because the embargo for reviews and impressions is different than the Read more

Mar 12 2019

He kicks both of their asses. We lead with this GIF on social media so I though it appropriate to use that. Also, the main point is that OniFox modded the Chief into Jump Force and I thought it was punchier than saying “Master Chief Kicks The Asses Of Assorted Dragon Ball Z Villains”