It’s Official. New Orleans Is My Favorite City in America. Here Are 10 Reasons Why

1. Cliché as this will be, I’m starting with the quite obvious ability to walk around with that drank. Sure, Bourbon Street smells like Hurl of Christmas Past and you’re likely to see a person laid out face down in the street, not dead, just passed out from all of the Everclear 151 and sugar mixtures. Hurricanes, Hand

Who Would Have Thought Touring a Louisiana Plantation Was a Good Activity for a Bachelor Party Weekend?

I just got back from New Orleans, where a bunch of the homies and I took a Homie Trip to celebrate my upcoming nuptials. While what happens in New Orleans stays on Instagram, there were a few planned activities that were both fun and educational. For instance, we took an airboat tour of a swamp and I learned all about…

19 Different Spoiler-Free Thoughts and Emotions (With GIFs) I Had While Watching the Season 5 Finale of Power

The season five finale of Power aired on Sunday night. Look, for all of the criticisms of Power—and some of it is very, very warranted—when this season got good it got goodt. Delivert goodt. Slap yo’ mama with the same hand that you don’ licked off the barbecue sauce off your fingers goodt. Episodes 8-10?

So Black Thought, Phonte and Rhymefest Are Forming a SuperGroup. I Really Hope This Ends Up Dope

The rap world was enraptured for various reasons with the out-of-the-blue release of Eminem’s latest coaster, Kamikaze, for most of this past week. I gave it a few listens and deleted it from my phone library. Eminem is one of those rappers who on technical merits alone is one of the best, if not the best, to ever do…

What We Not Gon' Do Is Act Like Janet Jackson Wouldn't Be With Bobby Brown, Who Was the Absolute Man in the '80s

On the heels of the surprisingly successful The New Edition Story last fall, BET decided to ride the gravy train one more time with the Tuesday release of episode one of The Bobby Brown Story, to be followed be episode 2 on Wednesday night. Much like with New Edition, we followed along on social media with care as we…

The Schedule for Aretha Franklin’s Funeral Is the Most Optimistic Schedule I’ve Ever Seen in My Entire Black Funeral Life 

They gon’ lay Aretha Franklin’s burdens down in Detroit on Friday, Aug. 31. And it’s going to happen in tremendous fashion. Her body has already seen outfit changes fit for a woman whose fashion stylings were as much a part of her charm as her take-no-prisoners attitude about the industry.

9 Things I Learned (and One Thing I Didn't) From Robert Townsend's Fun and Informative Documentary, The Making of The Five Heartbeats 

On Monday night, I went to check out the documentary dedicated to the creation of the classic Robert Townsend movie The Five Heartbeats. Full disclosure: The Five Heartbeats is my second-favorite movie of all time. Coming to America currently occupies that No. 1 slot, but it’s really more like 1 and 1a.

We've All Heard Somebody Be Called 'Uncouth,' But Have You Ever Heard Anybody Referred to as Being 'Couth'? 

Language is a beautiful thing. For instance, while I know that somewhere between 24 to 98 percent of the people reading this would cringe should I feel compelled to use the word “conversate” in your presence, 100 percent you would know exactly what I was saying should I use the “word.” And I only put “word” in quotes…

Blacks Are Not a Monolith, But I'll Bet Al Sharpton Misspelling 'Respect' on Live Television Made Every Last One of Us Cringe

On the list of unsolved mysteries I have stored in my brain, one near the top is why Warren G didn’t go back and punch in a bar with the correct spelling of the word “next” in his song “What’s Next.” For whatever reason, the version that went to mastering and to the three million people who purchased it includes…