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8:30 PM

And that’s fine. Bey has every right to do exactly what he wants. I also have a right to look at it and see something different. And let’s be real about Sun - Ra (your example), he’s a pretty esoteric artist as is AND Space is a place is available for the masses to hear. If that album, or even that movie, was given Read more

10:52 AM

you left b/c you didn’t feel like you were going to get an actual quality education? what was your major if you don’t mind my asking? and where did you leave morehouse to go?

10:10 AM

i fact, i have a podcast in the works that will be dropping this month. parts interview but i will talk a lot about music.

10:09 AM

disagree entirely, but that was a song reference from Jay’s song “Where I’m from”

10:00 AM

That’s a very valid point. I’ve had to check myself in the midst of all of the SpelHouse love during homecoming while wondering why so many folks I know don’t come back. My boy and I were talking and I was like...ya know, maybe everybody didn’t love it like we did. I had to sit with that while I was part of the panels Read more

3:25 PM

fam. please tell me they didnt put an unwrapped 55 inch tv box at your door.

1:41 PM

Dustin’s list obviously, but the better part of an entire day was spent debating this very point.

1:40 PM

Not for nothing, but “If I Ruled the World” is absolutely NOT on Illmatic, but is on It Was Written. I’m assuming you mean, “The World Is Yours.” 

9:25 AM

that’s interesting. if you live in many northeast cities (like i do), that’s almost impossible. my front door is, maybe, 15 feet tops from the street i live on.

9:23 AM

That has happened a few times. I definitely look to see what’s neighbor reported versus news reported. There has been at least twice that there were fireworks where some paranoid neighbor identified them as gunshots. and the other commenters got them together. But i have seen actual crimes too. it aint all paranoid Read more

9:18 AM

Yes. to say that you don’t have as much crime as the 80s in DC is non-sense in 2019. sure i’m glad Wayne Perry isn’t running the streets murkin’ folks on playgrounds any longer. But its a different time. this comparison is like me complaining about going to work and then being told to pipe down b/c my ancestors were Read more