Panama Jackson
Panama Jackson is the Senior Editor of Very Smart Brothas. He's pretty fly for a light guy. You can find him at your mama's mama's house drinking all her brown liquors.
4:08 PM

how the hell do you even know? if she gets paid from four different places, thats four different jobs. she didn’t say she worked 120 hours a week. ive had points in my life where i had three paying jobs at the same time. all with varying levels of pay. calm yourself.

10:16 AM

cuz i mean, i don’t know. lol. my mom just said he got it from friends at school but how would that then become a family nickname is beyond me. 

10:15 AM

odd sidebar, but ive learned a lot of folks named Jack have real names that are a whole ass leap from Jack.

10:13 AM

so i asked my mother in the same text where she told me both his real name and his real nickname she said he got that nickname at school from his friends. how this became the FAMILY nickname for him is beyond me.

10:11 AM

I was born in Panama. So it’s an honest nickname. But i needed a pen name when i started writing b/c of my good gov’t job and Panama Jackson sounds black.

12:17 PM

we might all need a correction. peele is credited as the writer, but so is DaCosta. I keep seeing articles saying he produced and wrote the screenplay. hence why i included him that way.

9:21 AM

I packed four pairs of shoes: air max 97s, jordan 11 breds, some Clark dress shoes and some slides. it worked out perfectly!

4:53 PM

I definitely wouldn’t say that the leads are the reason to see it, not for traditional reasons like, “wow, they have such great chemistry.” but i think the 2nd leads do have chemistry and its clear in quite a few scenes.

4:52 PM

that’s a good question. i think some people will absolutely love it. i think its worth seeing and i’ll see it again for many reasons. its absolutely not a bad movie. good though? that’s a harder question and i think thats what will be the subject of convo after it comes out and people go and see it.

4:02 PM

i mean, a tyler perry movie is probably a pretty low bar and is more a 2 hour boredom killer. this is a movie, one with an actual plot and dialogue and a premise that isn’t rooted entirely in WTF. and my only critical standard isn’t how black it is, i also spoke to the plot and the conversations i think it will create Read more

3:37 PM

Some of it is non-descript, but it fits aptly. It definitely is the kind of jazz that works for the movie. 

9:24 AM

I know and agree that having an art showing doesn’t make one rich. However, the set up for this date, even coming from him implied a bit more...elegance than a diner.

9:06 AM

for the record, i have nothing negative to say about Nigeria. i hope to visit lagos. everybody i know from nigeria is awesome. but i was in ghana, of course there will be folks who will make comparisons. its just natural. and thats wonderful that you were there and didnt mind. im familiar with every artist that Read more

9:03 AM

then these folks must have literally bought all of them lol. or they were all purchased specifically for December. it was insane how many bottles of champagne i saw get popped.