Andrew Herrera
Feb 3

Better hope his cellmates never find out why he’s in, then. I hear child porn hoarders and molesters don’t last long behind bars...

Aug 28

For what it’s worth, I believe them. I can only guess the harassment these women will receive in the coming days for coming forward.
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Aug 10 2019

No doors nearby? Mod the game to shoot doors. Mod the game to B̵̲̱̳͂͐Ę̵̱̯̉̓C̶̘͛͌O̴̘̻̽̕Ṃ̷͉̰̎͠E̷̙̚ ̸͕͈̓T̵̳̫̠̽H̶͇͋E̴͚̊ ̵̛͉̺͂͘D̴̞̭̰͒Ỏ̶̱̟Ȯ̵̱̭̗R̶̲̻̘͆

Aug 2 2019

As someone who struggles with mental illness every day—in myself and other family members, some of whom have been institutionalized at one time or another —I have one thing to say: Stop. Just stop. You look fucking ridiculous. Read more

Aug 2 2019

Well, as a person who suffers from depression, bipolar, and anxiety, I don’t feel attacked. I like it, actually. It’s his best skin, maybe tied with the Talon epic skin. I don’t really see a reason to be upset. He’s a villain. They’re not saying all mentally ill people are like him. They have a host of villains who Read more

Jul 31 2019

For the record, Kill La Kill IF’s story mode is a retcon of the anime. They brought Kazuki Nakashima in to supervise it. And as far as I can tell, the game uses dialog recordings directly from the anime. So maybe there’s some weird copyright issues that they’re dancing around with here.

Jul 3 2019

Homie. The types of armor and weapons used consist of things that were used 800 years apart. You don’t see historical armor and weapon buffs throwing a fucking hissy fit and demanding a toggle so that all armor is from 1432 exactly. And let’s not even joke like the game is even approaching realism in other sectors, Read more

Jun 12 2019

So, women dressing how they want and people looking at them is a bigger problem to you than recording people in a public restroom without consent? Slap yourself. 

May 9 2019

It sounds like you heard that quote and decided it was smart without understanding what it meant.

May 9 2019

That’s not what socialism is.

Also, you know Andrew Ryan is a villain, right?

May 9 2019

This article is specifically about non-premium currency though, as the quote you posted clearly states. 

Nov 12 2017

I considered this, and am still considering it. If it comes in a steam sale, I may reconsider.