Feb 3 2014

I think do this is just a translation problem. Seems that "getting their shit together" became "getting to shit together".

Feb 2 2014

This country is great because of the influxes of people from other places over the years. It is somehow harmful, or disrespectful, to sing America the Beautiful in the languages of those places? Piffle.

Jan 26 2014

I guess even security doesn't want to tackle in the Pro Bowl.

Jan 23 2014

I thought it was rated BG because the franchise is 2/3 of the way into the grave.

Jan 17 2014

This is just ludicrous. I absolutely cannot believe that Geno Smith was intercepted before coming anywhere near a touchdow—

[Receives vicious blindside hit from Standards]
[Blacks out; fumbles joke]
[Spends rest of life feeling cloudy, with a sensitivity to light, GIF-related humor]

Jan 13 2014

♫Been working my pitch
I'm punching my bitch
Eight hours for what??
Ho, give me what you got!

I've got this feeling,
That guy's been cleaning you out
I'll hit the ceiling
But first I'll tear up that clown!

Now I'm gonna induce abuse
I just blew my fuse
Cease? Bitch please!
I'll slap you back on your knees!

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