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3:59 PM

Ho ho ho, I get this. I drove my dream car and bought it. A Golf III wagon. GT TDI Special. Sticker pack with party seats, big black body moulding, all of it. Every dumbass German feature combo possible. 

3:07 PM

Keep the Cresta away from blonde haired former gang members.

2:37 PM

For those that are interested, Duncan Import is selling the manual for around $9K and the automatic for around $8K.

1:23 PM

I have very clear memories of the SZ Supra still being available at dealerships. There weren’t a lot of cars in the era that were comparable (maybe the 3000 GT?) and as such it was viewed as an oddity by most. But when the import tuning scene started to heat up, the Supra always seemed like the heavyweight. Long

8:46 PM

When I was looking for my current car, I really, really wanted to find a yellow ZX-3. Ford yellow was just perfect. Not too neon, not too pastel.

8:50 AM

Oh btw, this is a Mitsubishi Bravo 15 valves engine block next to a battery... A customer blew his engine. I shipped a replacement block through EMS.

9:00 PM

Toriyama is the artist that draw Dragon Balls, before he started to draw stuff more realistically, he use to take real world car and draw it in cartoonish proportion.

4:34 PM

Yes. In one notable case, we hired Aaron Gordon after meeting him at Dairy Queen in Elizabeth, New Jersey, and watching him peel out of the parking lot in his ‘84 Trans Am. “This baby’s gonna be rad as fuck when I get the headers on it,” he said. We knew it would be a great fit.

1:18 PM

Still terrible: that interior

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2:15 PM

The best part of the new terminator trailer is, once again, the choice of vehicles. This is EXACTLY what Sarah Conner should be driving.

9:28 PM

Since 2005 I own RAV4 which for sure was one of the first with 3SGTE engine swap.

11:16 PM

As a youth I was a big fan of the first generation colonnade Grand Am. While others swooned over the screaming chicken Trans Am I was smitten with the Euro inspired Endura beak nosed Grand Am as well as the Chevelle Laguna. 

11:03 PM

One side effect of the coupes’ overwhelming popularity is that the sedans and wagons kept their skeg curves through the end of the Colonnade series. I always liked the sedan’s six-window profile with prominent A, B and D-pillars and almost hidden C.

10:53 PM

The Monte Carlo (and Pontiac Grand Prix) was created by taking advantage of the fact the A-bodies were body-on-frame and had two wheelbases - 112" for the standard coupes and 116" for sedans, wagons and El Caminos. They put the existing coupe body on the  long chassis so the rear wheels lined up with the wheelwells

9:33 PM

My Aunt owned the Buick iteration of that vehicle. It got stolen on the South Side of Chicago. I do want to comment on your open query as to why anyone would buy one of those. Here are some thoughts (from the perspective of someone who was a little kid back then):

6:04 PM

My first car was a 1978 Cutlass Supreme handed down from Grandma. By the time I got it in 1994, she has racked up a whole 42000 miles on it. Still had the original paperwork in the glove box. Price was a tick over $4200 for crank windows, AM radio and AC. Back seat was large enough for “activities”. Had the 305

5:22 PM

Had a 1977 Cutlass Supreme with a Hurst shifter and bucket seats that swiveled to let you swing your legs out. Fucking cool. the former owner upgraded the 350 to a ‘70 W30 455 with 390 horse and 500 pound feet. I added carb, headers, HEI, 292 cam, port and polish, and half ton truck springs to keep the dive to a

8:52 PM

80s-90s Trans-Am was some of my favorite racing. Not many other places you could see NASCAR V8s against turbo 4s, 5s, and 6s, and also naturally aspirated V6s that got a lot less weight. 4wd vs rwd. Sedans, pony cars, sports cars, all on a sliding horsepower/weight scale.  It was like NASCAR on road courses with