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Oct 16

It had been so long I forgot that a grill can be used to let air in

Sep 21

I’m reminded of a hot rodder who stubbornly rebuilds a 1954 Chevy truck frame for like the fourth time in its life, instead of just buying an Art Morrison frame, or at least starting with repro frame rails. There comes a point where it’s not worth the time/money/effort to endlessly fix something that’s simply worn Read more

Sep 21

Here’s an interesting article by Sheldon Brown about electro-forging, an alternative way of building frames that Schwinn used back in the 70s. Read more

Sep 21

I had a go-kart for a few years growing up. Whe my Dad got it, it was basically a fram and it was up to me to get it into whatever working order I wanted it in. I learned how to braze with an Acetelyne torch on that Go Kart. Rebuilt the carb on the original motor that came with it. Read more

Sep 21

I have the feeling that there’s going to be a rapid followup to this post, and that we’ll get to see this frame reconstituted in its entirety before winter hits. Read more

Sep 3

Since we have bike lanes that cross traffic lanes diagonally, marked only by paint with symbols so distorted you barely recognize what they are, I’m pretty sure psycho-killers are designing the bike lanes for Columbus, Ohio.
Read more

Sep 1

The majority of Jalopnik staffers, even all the way back, have had little or no prior professional experience in automotive writing.

Aug 13

Speaking of those headlights, however, they make it look surprisingly similar to the Alfa Romeo Proteo concept from 1991, which was predicting... THE ALFA ROMEO GTV!

Aug 13

So, a couple of points. Stylistically this looks a LOT like the design take-off point for what would be the Soarer/SC300, which makes a lot of sense considering it’s based off a Supra platform. Personally, I think it’s gorgeous except maybe for the spider-eye headlights. Read more

Aug 12

The percentage of rollovers that result in deaths isn’t really the point of this article (the point of this article is the extent to which car makers go to avoid making their cars safer) nor the point of this conversation (whether people who are reckless deserve to die). Read more

Aug 6

Good call on the compression test. Usually engines "barfing" oil is a result of blowby. If you need Jugs and pistons, or just want to build an entirely now motor theres a surprising number of parts available on Amazon. My uncle built an entirely new engine for his 77 due to nothing being near spec. 

Aug 4

Lightest engine ever fitted to a road legal automobile? that is just silly. a VW type 1 1600 fully dressed is around 220, and i doubt that is the lightest. Maybe the lightest V12? that seems reasonably likely.

Jul 30

I had to look at this WAY too long before I realized this wasn’t a photo of an elephant with an ankle monitor...

Jul 30

one thing this also addressed was crankshaft torsion. the longer a crankshaft is (e.g. in an I6 or I8) the more it’s able to “twist” as the forces of the power strokes push down on the crankpins. At best it causes inconsistent timing from cylinder to cylinder as the crank twists and springs back. At worst it can cause Read more

Jul 28

Majority of the population speaks some English, as it’s part of the required school curriculum, so you should have no problem communicating with the local bike shops. Also, there is a very large expat population in Taiwan, so information on whereabouts of all the good local bikes shops can be found in FB communities. Read more

Jul 27

Thanks for writing these articles. As someone who built his own mountain bike 30+ years ago, out of a Cinelli Argento Vivo Frame and a hodgepodge of Shimano and Suntour running gear, it’s awesome to see the love for these older bikes still exists.  They’re simple, reliable, in a lot of ways bulletproof and can be a Read more