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4:14 PM

I loved the Audi saloons of that era. I had a not-too-dissimilar looking 1989 Quattro 20V Turbo for quite a while (I got it for cheap when it was 10 years old). It had a rather odd inline 5 cylinder engine, but man was it fast. I loved that car. Sadly, the problem with any of these cars is that they cost so much to

3:14 PM

Nope. It sure wasn’t. If you didn’t need the “L” version, you could get the shorter length one with a 4.2L V8 and 3 pedals. That’s right, this uber-luxury sedan could we had with AWD, N/A V8, and manual transmission. Really hard to beat. This is totally one of my dream sedans, along with a stick-shift D2 Audi S8 and a Read more

7:27 PM

I don’t know if they were banned again, but after Group C collapsed they came back but with air restrictors that choked them and no variable length intakes.

4:04 PM

One time, Patrick invited me to get lunch with him. So we went to Planet Hollywood in Times Square, one door down from Jalopnik HQ. We ordered, then he realized he had a more important meeting to go to, and left me to eat a soggy salad by myself in the most depressingly cheerful restaurant I’ve ever been in. Read more

1:48 PM

I know 300 housing bubble contractors, real estate agents, and loan officers who would have rolled the **** out of that Caddy.

1:35 PM

I’m only here to say that I saw the Cien on the road. I lived in a very small town, apparently near a performance engineer or someone with a great GM pool selection. I did not know what he was I just knew that every day I rode past his house eagerly looking to see what he had brought home. And then it happened. An all Read more

4:26 PM

THIS ^ having worked on a number of the Gymkhana/Climbkhana films, filmed Ken in WRX rallycross and stage rally - I could not agree more. He really was the attraction and helped to bring a new audience to rally/rallycross. In the US and abroad - wild to see Ken create a massive line for autographs and fans (of all Read more

5:04 PM

The Elmiraj... What an achingly beautiful car. I was hoping that GM would see the light and build Cadillac a proper flagship coupe. Cadillac represents large, American luxury around the world. I knew GM wasn’t serious about making Caddy a contender again when they A) Moved their HQ to NYC and B) Did not build the

4:05 PM

I wouldn’t call it pointless. It was a good car with some interesting tech. Cadillac was making DOHC 32V V8s for years with the Northstar family and they claimed the race engine had its basis on that. They even installed a night vision heads up display, but apparently it was so distracting that drivers just ended up Read more

3:42 PM

Heres the thing. The Northstar in the Cadillac program was a de-bored, 4.0 liter block. They literally took a ton of tech from the Aurora racing team and called it a Cadillac

2:44 PM

Yeah, the LMP car didn’t really move the needle... But why they never built the Cien is a complete mystery...

5:06 PM

Instead of nearly clipping the mailbox, I would simply have crashed directly into it.

4:22 PM

i don’t have a license and don’t drive but could still be very good at it. we just don’t know! if i tried driving people might say: “wow, she’s so naturally good at driving”