When Mercedes Battled Jaguar Battled Nissan Battled Toyota Battled Porsche Battled Mazda Battled Aston Martin at Le Mans

This year’s Le Mans marked a Celica-filled win for Toyota overall. It was a historic back-to-back victory (one in which I lost $1 betting on Kobayashi to beat Alonso), but it was also one executed against no other factory-run race teams in the top prototype category. It was not always this way.

Toyota Woke Up in 2019 to Realize People had 'Sudden' Urge for Electric Cars

I would say that today is Tuesday, June 11, 2019, but it appears that if you’re a major automaker or automotive researcher, apparently it’s the mid 2000s. I guess everyone woke up this morning and realized that electric cars are a thing. Maybe they’d been napping! I don’t know. Let’s get into that and more in The…

Audi’s First Real Electric Car Is Already Being Recalled Due to a Risk of Battery Fires

The Audi E-Tron electric SUV is off to a great start with, wait, no, actually it is already getting a recall and it’s for potential battery fires. Nobody has been hurt with the roughly 540 cars sold in America thus far, and there have been no actual fires in the hands of customers, Audi says, but it’s not a good look.