Sep 16 2019

I wonder if they will ever make SevenEves into a movie/series.  There was a LOT stuffed into that book, even in just the first part (pre-5000 yr jump.)  

Sep 11 2019

My theory — its the moment following Kylo Ren’s Vader turnaround where he suddenly disavows the Dark side. They just finished fighting some foe together and Rey’s lightsaber is either broken or in the hands of Palpatine. Ren is wounded and he uses his last ounce of strength to Force throw the lightsaber to Rey and she

May 23 2019

I think the best scenario is that Durant makes a fatal mistake in Game 7 to lose the Finals and then we skip ahead five years and Durant has given up and gotten fat and Green has to come to his hut and convince him to come back and help them make one last title run together. And Green will bring a raccoon to the hut.

May 17 2019

Yeah, I feel like TPM would’ve worked a lot better if it was set 5 years later. Anakin would been ~14 and his lusting after Padme in Clones would’ve worked a lot better. Read more

May 17 2019

This has literally been me for the past 30 minutes.

May 9 2019

Humor and Horror aren’t so different sometimes. They both often build up tension to intensify the emotional payoff.
Read more

May 2 2019

Them: All I know is, if you’re gonna tell me that a child is going to travel the world for eight years training and learning to become a master fighter, I’ll tell you’re being ridiculous. Read more

Apr 29 2019

Eh, I generally agree with your takes, Albert, but your entire premise is off: Cercei has no plans other than spiteful Fuck ‘em. A plan suggests a constructed path—however hare-brained—to achieve a mission. Her decision was to sip on wine and stare out the window until presumably the Night King shows up in town to Read more

Aug 28 2018

Stormtrooper who gets choked to unconsciousness by a red bowtie?

Jul 27 2018

We’ll find out that Xavier has been using his psi powers to keep the existence of mutants hidden from SHIELD and the like, problem solved. Read more

Jun 29 2018

Truth be told, I wish that the shared universe was more about background appearances of minor characters or off hand references than being about characters actually crossing over. My big beef with the Netflix shows and AoS not crossing over into the movies is that Marvel seems to think that doing so would require Read more

Mar 20 2018

I think the failure of the new trilogy is that it is swiftly moving away from being a saga about the Skywalker family. I know, people are going to say that there is a lot to explore in the Star Wars universe, and while that is correct, the Skywalkers were always the keystone of the series; it is their family struggle.

T Read more

Jul 5 2017

To me a trailer should basically give a strong hint about the type of movie and a very general idea what it’s about. Spider-Man and Iron Man team up for a part is fine and it doesn’t bother me if that particular shot isn’t in the movie. It sets the tone for people.

Jun 27 2017

This is a great breakdown of a growing problem within the Disney Star Wars universe. Read more

Mar 16 2017

This one plays out really nice-like with the kids and their dynamic. I hope she and her friends have a good chunk of time to themselves before the ‘adults’ show up acting like they have to take over.

Mar 13 2017

I don’t think this is a reboot. It is more of a movie to be done after Justice League. Frankly I hope they use Cavill, and his natural charm (a la The Man from UNCLE), to its fullest potential. Same with Adams.

Mar 9 2017

Hell, for that matter, “great offense, not much defense” describes Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Read more

Feb 11 2017

And somewhere in the distance, Hawkeye is firing ricochet shots off the bottom of the flying Rocket Shield!

Feb 10 2017

Spider-Man misses a gap, only for Groot’s extended arm reaching out to give him a target to web swing from Read more