A. Downing
You can take the girl out of PG County but you can't the PG County out of the girl.
5:17 PM

An HR person who understands the larger risk to the org would recommend termination. Again, HR doesn’t make the decision but the recommendation would be the same for both employees. Because why add a discrimination issue on top of a harassment issue? Much easier and less risky to treat every case the same.

12:17 PM

It’s a shame you feel that way. It’s also an affront to the individuals who work in those roles. Painting HR professionals with a broad brushed dipped in tired perceptions is unfair and unnecessary.

12:06 PM

You are right, they aren’t your friends. No one in an organization is your friend. But they aren’t there to serve the company’s interest. They are there to gather facts and seek truth. They work with legal counsel (in and outside the organization) to make recommendations. Those recommendations are not about how to Read more

12:13 PM

I’m always upset when I hear that HR departments didn’t handle these things appropriately. I refuse to allow that to happen on my watch. I’m hoping that these stories are creating a climate that makes HR people and companies accountable. Otherwise they are complicit as far as I am concerned.

12:54 PM

My school’s Homecoming isn’t until February. I feel left out.

11:21 AM

All of these questions could be answered by reading his piece on his process that he published two days ago in The Players Tribune.