Omar Kardoudi
Apr 10 2015

No, unfortunately it's not him. I thought the same thing and I spoke to him about it. He said Attila Nagy is a pretty common name in Hungary.

Mar 18 2015

They use cotton to make the clouds. And a mixture of lighting and dark paint to get the volume.

Jan 20 2015

Not all the videos are from Mind of a Chef. I'm sure the Ramelet isn't and I don't remember the Ramen encrusted skate being in the show. But yes, Mind of a Chef is great indeed.

Jan 13 2015

That's not necessary true. The majority of the restaurants in the world don't pay their servers with tips, they normally get paid much more than the minimum wage and restaurant benefit margins don't suffer for that. I bet professional waiters would love to have a steady income, health inssurance or even 401k.

Dec 3 2014

That wouldn't work. The THC (the active component in weed) would be completely evaporated and destroyed due to the hight temperature inside the oven. That's why he adds it at the end.

Nov 11 2014

Freestyle means improvised lyrics and no instrumental beats. I guess in this case some lyrics are improvised and other, if not prewritten, they are phrase structures he uses to help the improv. Just like jazz players do when they follow a standard.

Oct 30 2014

I'm in England so it's lunch time here. I could eat a bucket of these things right now.