Olga Oksman

Not a TJ’s, but a gift I just received and am excited to apply Olga’s advice and the tips below to keep it alive!

I love my orchid! Now to repot and get some new blooms.

Thank you for this!! I’ve tried and failed to get my Trader Joe’s orchids to re-bloom for YEARS! Read more

I bought my fiance an orchid (from Home Depot of all places!) for her birthday three years ago. We haven’t done anything to it other than water it every couple of days. One of the leaves did get burnt after leaving it in direct sunlight, but year over year, it has continued to bloom right around Easter, and then a Read more

I’m an idiot. I literally have an orchid in my kitchen that hasn’t bloomed in 4 years. I’ve been meaning to google “how to make an orchid bloom” for about 3 and half years now. Off to go remove that 4 year old stem! Read more

When you mist it, the interior glass will spot and look awful. If you drip water onto the moss carefully, condensation will still cause droplets to cling to the glass and leave spots. The terrariums are a cool idea but ultimately don’t look nice for very long. I imagine this won’t get posted but if it does, any Read more

aww this is cute I want to do this :3 I do live fairly close to the swamps of Texas  Read more

Nah, not regional, but sporadic. I seem to get them with grocery store bouquets most of the time. Farmers market? Rarely. Florist? 50/50. That said, my loathing for dealing with wilting, mushy, discoloring, petal-dropping flowers means that I rarely give them and would prefer not to receive them. Plants, sure, but Read more

Cut them early in the bloom, before they are fully open (1/4 open is best), then cut them a second time right before you put them in your vase. Make sure you aren’t keeping the cut flowers in a spot that receives direct sun. Splitting the stems like this article describes helps too.
Read more

Smash the ends a little bit. The handle of a knife works well. It’s the same idea as cutting on and angle and then slicing up, but more effective for super woody stems like lilacs. There is no better time than when I can open my windows and smell the lilacs from my yard and the neighbors. Read more