Olga Oksman

It is, that was my editing error, thanks for catching! Read more

Very good points, cleaning it is basically part of keeping it around. I use a glass that has a really big opening at the top and carefully wipe down the interior with a paper towel when it gets spotty. The other option is to use dried moss or let your moss dry-it’s not a plant you are growing anymore but it still Read more

Oddly enough I never get a packet with my flowers at the local fancy florist, farmer’s market or the grocery store. Maybe it is a regional difference? Read more

CloggieGirl and You’re Killing give great advice below. You can also use a hammer to smash the ends of the cut lilac stems if that is easier. Try using warm water in the vase for the lilac and give it a little time to revive. It may take a few hours or overnight before they perk up again. Good luck! Read more