Oct 6 2019

So under the banner of beingpatriots” they feel entitled to overwhelm and displace the redskins from their native land, big surprise.

Sep 16 2019

This is exactly why the NFL never should’ve started down this path in the first place. Their policy from day one should’ve been “Once the courts reach a decision, we’ll figure out what to do”. The NFL is objectively terrible at handling these things, even moreso than the justice system. Anything and everything they do Read more

Jul 4 2019

 I know this site is a whirlpool of negativity, but as someone who has spent many years visiting  other corners of the globe, there’s a lot to appreciate. I understand the negativity and cynicism. Still, at a certain point it becomes more corrosive than productive.

Jul 3 2019

Im curious why you believe that people who would have punched the kid, need to get their emotions in check, but not the kid popping off like that. Someone did that where I grew up, you decked up right there, emotions or no. Because that type of measuring up literally meant “throw the first punch, you won’t you p***y Read more

Jul 2 2019

Nothing witty to add. Just stopping by to say this right here brings me joy matched by few things around the web. Nothing busy; no distractions. It’s just a few folks on a field, well-lit captured by a horizontal camera. Then the sounds— the rocketship cracks and their echoes, unsullied by announcers or fans. This is Read more

Jul 2 2019

Smelly *and* violent. The FGC has come a long way from just smelly.

Jul 1 2019

Well, I’ve been doing wheel to wheel racing for about 15 years, and if I die doing it, please do say “he died doing what he loved.” Because I know damn well, every time I click into the 6-point harness, that there is a small, but non-zero chance that I will die doing it. Read more

Jun 15 2019

This isn’t a hot take but Facebook is a fucking cesspool. I joined a naval submarine veteran group to talk about the good ol’ days and catch up on fleet gossip and it was all the same White Lives Matter, racist memes and awfulness.

Jun 12 2019

Of all the reactions to this story in the comments (many of them rightly condemning DD and pushing for a lengthy—if not lifetime—Twitch ban, because holy violation of privacy, Batman), the dude who felt the need to trot out “but what about the women who stream with visible cleavage” is perhaps my favorite.

And by Read more

Jun 12 2019

You don’t think there’s anything wrong with someone filming with a camera in a bathroom where others are using the toilet, including children? Read more

Jun 6 2019

Sorry that I choose to hold players to what you consider to be ridiculously high “be a decent human being” standards...

May 26 2019

I made a perfect relay throw from shortstop to home for my then girlfriend’s company softball team. My girlfriend, who didn’t have a clue what she was doing, was playing catcher at the time, but that was all right, because the pitcher was supposed to cover for her for on any plays at the plate. He forgot, and my Read more

May 22 2019

Bran did end up king as a result of his mysticism. Every piece of information he gave to every character after becoming the Three-Eyed Raven created a world in which he would be king.