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3:12 PM

Agreed about Szohr. I kinda wonder if this show isn’t being considered for Disney +. It’s genre, family-friendly, and has a fan base that would likely pay to support the show.  I don’t know anything about who owns what properties, or what the legality/plausibility of this scenario is, but it doesn’t sound ridiculous Read more

2:26 AM

Should the show return, my wish is they refine the Moclan makeup so the actors can turn their heads. I understand they’re kind of an armadillo species, but Bortus and Klyden have been called on to do too much relationship dialog to have to Robocop their emotions.

1:36 PM

It’s again, solely due to this episode’s fantastic writing that I’m willing to give Klyden’s character and he and Bortus’ dynamic one last chance. Bortus’ mess hall dialog was a real come to Jesus moment and I’m hoping the two can function together as something other than a source of conflict going forward. If not, Read more

2:39 PM

I’d probably like this episode more if it was revealed that The Orville is actually stealthily building toward an overarching theme on the destructive and addictive nature of simulations, a’la Strange Days or Existenz.

2:51 PM

But the movie didn’t cast little people for comedic effect. All the actors were excited to work on the project because it was a movie where little people were able to portray characters beyond just being little people.

4:46 PM

I think that’s they key. Make your pretend beverage a simple, easily understood word. Let’s follow up those Ion Suckers with some Kanar.

3:19 PM

Note: I’ve gone through and updated Layna’s name from Trisha. I apologize for the error, but when I was checking my notes against IMDB and other online sources after the episode, “Trisha” was the only name that came up in relationship to the actor who portrayed her. It didn’t match up with my notes, but I assumed I Read more

10:24 AM

See that’s the thing, I do prefer the Babylon 5 version. Or Hitchhiker’s Guide’s Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster or Buck Godot’s Ion Sucker. I think it’s more fun and more textural. The only problem is doing it this way is usually a comedic decision.

10:19 AM

It seems like one of the significant changes that have occurred between now and The Orville’s future is everyone is a lot more lassaiz faire about drinking on the job. It appeared as though Talla was still on shift when she had a drink with Gordon. In general everyone seems to be pretty lax about indulging in a drink Read more

1:14 PM

I would have liked to see a wider variety of ships as well, but I suspect they were straining the show’s budget as it was. Logistically, they’re only going to use the models that are already created as opposed to designing, building, and integrating new ones.

3:57 PM

I have! I’m trying to strong-arm my daughter into liking it, but so far she’s mostly indifferent. I haven’t read the graphic novels yet. How are they?

1:24 PM

The character designs are really exceptional. It should be impossible to invoke so much with such an utterly simple style, but the artis creates such nuanced emotions just from the shape of character’s heads and slight tilts and movements.

1:23 PM

I’d be lying if I said my time is precious, but it’s more precious than needlessly traversing the same three screens every time I die.

2:31 AM

As it turns out, I just recently got Hollow Knight for the Switch! It’s as great as everyone says (so far. Opinion subject to change if greatness diminishes). I love the simple, but very effective art direction. The borderline stick figure character designs coupled with the sad, entropic tone makes me feel like I’m Read more