Maria Sherman
Senior Writer, Jezebel. My debut book, LARGER THAN LIFE: A History of Boy Bands, is out now.
Jun 9

maria i’ve had your book on pre-order for months, and every article about boy bands i read from you makes me more and more excited for it.

Oct 25 2019

I love this title and article. Please do many more of these. 

Oct 8 2019

I forgot a title! May I nominate Nope Forever Woods after the fact?

Oct 3 2019

I listen to Tegan & Sara whilst cycling. They complete me.

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Jul 10 2019

11.) When Criss Angel told us he’s from Long Island. My boyfriend is from Long Island. Is Criss Angel my boyfriend?

Jul 10 2019

I was like, do I want to click on a piece about the oughts’ Criss Angel, but then I did because I wanted to see if JD from Korn got mentioned and yes, just like magic... 

Jun 26 2019

Maria. You have always been a woman of intellect and refinement. But today you have truly outdone yourself. For Milana, just like Harry Styles, is an endangered species I would give my life for. (JK, I would not give my life for Milana.) 

Jun 26 2019

So uh.... that picture of Harry Styles looks like he’s sitting in dirty water with a used condom floating next to him. That just me?

Nov 21 2018

Just want to pop in to say that being a One Direction fan quite literally saved my life my freshman year of college.