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This is random, but I actually have read The Male Machine! It’s not bad at all, and its publication was part of a small but influential “men’s liberation” movement. (Gloria Steinem’s intro was also good and included an indelible dig at Karl Marx.) I wrote about it for Vice last year: Read more

I strongly believe this question is generational, especially if you’re in possession of a vagina: When you’re, say, 18, the city is AWESOME and sex is pretttttttyyyy shitty, but as you get older, those things start to reverse, so that by the time you’re in your mid-thirties, you’re approaching your sexual prime just Read more

Quick correction: Recording someone without their knowledge is not a crime in Texas, as it’s a one-party consent state. Read more

I corrected the three quarters distinction, thank you! But when it comes to profits/after tax, won’t 2017 earnings be taxed on the 2018 scale, therefore necessitating a recalculation of their earnings, assuming they paid taxes quarterly? Read more

“If you liked it” sounds like she’s talking either about the entire person [”If you liked me”] or about sex [”If you liked fucking me”] and either way, it’s a really bizarre, objectifying way to talk about women, even if you are one. Read more

I don’t think you understand :( Read more

Yes, but they are very close to each other; it’s the same metropolitan area. You are indeed being that guy but I will switch it out for a /. Read more

Where in NW Louisiana are you? Read more

As I said, demystification isn’t our primary goal—it’s to cover the populations getting fucked by our current political climate. Read more

It’s plainly clear that I’m talking about the auto industry in particular, which is still pretty white, especially considering the racial makeup of the city. Read more

Legitimately don’t understand this comment. Read more

The use of “woke” is rather tongue-in-cheek in this case—the dude’s not ACTUALLY a feminist, just appropriating its language—just like the term is appropriating the language of people of color. Read more

I do rec a different brand of these! (See the hyperlink to “soft tampons”...) Read more

Thanks for responding! Would love to chat with you more about this for a follow-up post—email me? Read more

Just to clarify—I am not nervous or grossed-out by my period! I just prefer non-bloody sex. The population who would try this trick can’t really be grossed out by it, given that it requires sticking your fingers way up a bloody vagina afterwards. Read more