ABC’s live revival of two classic Norman Lear sitcoms was a fun experiment—if too unimaginative


One could argue—and I have—that the closest analogue to the great Norman Lear sitcoms of the early ‘70s wasn’t other TV sitcoms, but rather the intimate social realist theater of the mid 20th century. I’ve also argued (while comparing the British sitcom Steptoe And Son with its direct American remake Sanford And Son)…

The Twilight Zone clumsily tackles immigration in another frustrating episode


The two best episodes of this new Twilight Zone so far have been “Replay” and “A Traveler,” neither of which have shied away from the social commentary that’s been central to this series, but both of which have been effectively spooky regardless, even divorced from the points they’re making. Even if “Replay” weren’t…

A clever Christmas Twilight Zone explains the effectiveness of “fake news"


The first three episodes of the new Twilight Zone have all seen writers and directors wrestling with the legacy of Rod Serling’s original series, trying to figure out how to make a science-fiction anthology show that’s relevant to today, yet also true to what “the Twilight Zone” really means. This week’s “A Traveler,”…

With a near-classic episode, the new Twilight Zone gets a do-over


It’s too bad The Twilight Zone didn’t debut last week with “Replay”… or didn’t at least choose it over “Nightmare At 30,000 Feet” as the episode to pair with “The Comedian.” (The CBS All Access honchos and/or the show’s producers unaccountably chose to make “The Comedian” available to non-subscribers last week, as an……

TNT’s I Am The Night is for fans of retro L.A. noir—and, more importantly, of Chris Pine


Over the past ten years, Chris Pine has played Captain James T. Kirk in the Star Trek reboot, the vintage comic book heartthrob Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman, Tom Clancy’s brilliant government intelligence tactician Jack Ryan in Shadow Recruit, Cinderella’s prince in Into The Woods, and the Murry children’s lost dad in