Blake Noble
3:43 PM

Blake, you got one with Master's coursework here. I'd like you to go to 1:17 into the video on this article. This type of tornado (different from a gustnado) is a rapidly-rotating updraft. An updraft is the "fuel" that feeds the supercell. A cumulus cloud (puffy, white cloud) is a condensating updraft. Look on 1:17. Read more

2:54 PM

Any time you see tornado video where the tornado goes from the right side of the screen to the left, the chasers don't know their mesoscale meteorology. You are usually sitting in the paths of the downdrafts since the mean flow in the US has supercells moving in some sort of westerly direction. This will eventually

9:16 PM

Tell me about it. I sold a 45th Anniversary Camaro and somehow only made $100? Lolno. I quit after they pulled shit like that.

8:00 AM

You're kidding about washing the dirt off, right? Displaying them just as they were pulled from the Great Sinkhole is much more interesting.

8:27 PM

I did a museum delivery on May 27th of a C7, and spent the day before touring the museum on my own time. Much like my experience of driving to the top of Pike's Peak on my return trip, photos and video just do not do this justice for the sheer scale of it. Look at the photos of the dome and realize that they had over Read more

1:04 AM

Ah, man. The Ralliart should've been the WRX-fighter, that middle range for people not willing to plop down the extra for the Evo and who needed a few more concessions to daily driving than the balls-out rallybeast affords. Read more

5:44 PM

I'm still irritated we never had the option of an Evo in the super-sexy Lancer wagon they offered. I hear it was sold in Japan, and I've seen some conversions, but I'd've loved to have seen this offered from the factory USDM.

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10:14 PM

Or every time I see a Maserati Quattroporte and it turns out to be a '95 Prelude. Fuckin' cars, man. Why are there so many?!