1/09/19 10:42PM

Just because Trump quits, doesn’t mean the investigations into his actions are over. If he’s not president, he’s a walking indictment waiting to happen on a dozen separate counts in federal and state courts ranging from fraud in his charity to treason if he colluded with Russia.

1/09/19 10:13PM

I don’t see Trump going quietly into the night like Nixon. Trump dreams of being on TV 24/7. If he resigns in disgrace not even Fox News will sing his praises.

1/09/19 9:59PM

A plea deal with whom? There isn’t a federal or state law enforcement agency that has the authority to indict a sitting president. There is one, and only one, body that has the power to remove one from office so that he can be indicted and that is Congress. Read more

1/09/19 2:46PM

Andy Samberg wasn’t asking for a pat on the back for a joke. He’s a comedian. He made a joke. He’s not trying to run a civil rights movement. Read more

1/09/19 1:13PM

She would prefer the opposite of whatever the white people did. But if he’d done the opposite on stage, she’d have a 10,000 word editorial about how that was wrong, too. Read more

1/09/19 12:52PM

yeah, those comments are dumb here. Samberg is levels ahead of Sandler. His digital shorts were basically the only reason people were watching SNL when he was there... and why they have failed at digital shorts since he left. Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a really funny show. He’s a pretty funny dude.

1/09/19 12:38PM

I love whenever a comedian is in the news because it inevitably followed by a bunch of “he isn’t funny” comments. Read more

1/09/19 12:33PM

“Nobody knows where the bad blood comes from, but Jerry just hates Jimmy,” a source told Radar, adding that friends believe the animosity stems from just plain jealousy. “People believe Jerry is envious of Jimmy.”
Read more

1/09/19 12:13PM

it didn’t go over anyone’s head... they were so busy being fake outraged at the set-up that they missed a pretty perfect punch line.

1/09/19 12:08PM

I just commented this. It was perfect. It was a great set-up and Coogler’s reaction was the perfect spot to roll into an even more perfectly-executed punch line for it. Read more

1/09/19 12:04PM

Cool. I’ll go back to not giving a fuck then. Solve your own problems. Nice 10,000 word blog entry about your indifference, by the way. Very productive.

1/09/19 12:04PM

Why is there no outrage the Blank Panther the character was created by a white guy?

1/09/19 12:03PM

What’s funnier is that black people rally around a black superhero that was created and written by a white man. The irony is lost on many.

1/09/19 12:00PM

thank you, Samberg said some real shit there and I don’t have a problem with it.

1/09/19 11:45AM

And don’t forget that Jimmy slammed Leno all the time but his signature “man on the street” bit is a total rip off of Leno’s “jaywalk” that he did every other night. Read more

1/09/19 11:37AM

I thought it was funny. I think it went over a lot of peoples head.