10:01 AM

Vim FTW! Either Vim or Vi are present in most respectable operating systems. Much easier to learn the basics of than Emacs, IMO. No mousing about, your hands stay on the keyboard which = Fast.

9:57 AM

VOTE: Vico

I chose Vico because it's what I've been using lately, it will accept Textmate bundles for syntax highlighting, etc, but my vote is really for ANY text editor that supports vi command interface, including vi, vim, MacVim, gvim, etc. I've been using vi so long that its commands are burned into my muscle

5:02 PM

Mini Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Touchpad: I don't really want to keep my Raspberry Pi attached to a normal keyboard and mouse all the time, so this mini wireless keyboard (which is currently just $20 on Amazon) makes it so I don't have to do that. Obviously, I'm not going to type out a ton of commands on this thing,

4:59 PM

Adafruit Prototyping Pi Plate Kit: I'm not the greatest solderer in the world, so this breadboard style plate that attaches to the Pi makes it easier for me to test out weird projects that actually attach the Raspberry Pi to real-world tools. It's cheap at just $16 too, so if you want to use it as a way to permanently

4:50 PM

The PiTFT Mini Kit: This little $35 accessory adds a tiny 2.8" touchscreen to your Raspberry Pi. It sounds kind of goofy, but it's actually a pretty great way to instantly see what your doing, and the possibilities for various projects are pretty endless for it. It's obviously low-res, but still, $35 to add a

8:39 AM

Arduino Uno Ultimate Starter Kit ($50ish at Amazon) - Any Arduino (raspberry pi, ...) kit is a great way to start, but $50 gets a Uno, breadboard, base for both, plenty of basic components, and a decent booklet and software examples to walk a beginner through the basics. I've tried all sorts of electronics kits and

2:41 PM

Why? Because it's fun, that's all. You can do all kinds of crazy things with it - just like all the other alternative scripting languages, and lua tables are just crazy. Plus, you can learn it more easily than java or Objective C, and you can write both iOS apps and Android apps using Lua via Corona, Moai, or Lua-Wax.

6:25 PM

Yikes. Cancelling my subscription... didn't realize ethics had become unworthy of mention here...