Cate Young
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Nov 29

My 14 year-0ld daughter was dating a trans boy who was not out to his parents earlier this year, and we had to have a VERY long sit-down with our 7 year-old daughter about how this was an isolated situation where lying was okay, because outing someone is a terrible thing to do (her sister told her what was going on, Read more

Nov 26

My wife and I said the same thing re: Audrey Plaza’s character. That story about Harper chickening out & throwing her under the bus in high school was a bridge too far, & the repeating of it near the end by all accounts should have nuked this relationship beyond any repair.

Jul 1

I realize that is is a over-generalization to a degree, especially because we are always exposed to the worst of the bunch in articles like this, but I’ve found myself become instinctually skeptical of any boss who uses adjectives to describe themselves as a boss or visionary terms when discussing their workplace. Read more

Jun 15

I would never have guessed in a million years that, in terms of the culture wars, liberals would get Nascar and conservatives Harry Potter.

2020, man.

Jun 15

Still, Rowling speaks only for herself, and her books—and the people whose lives they changed—are whatever you want them to be. But there is truly no need to follow her on Twitter. She doesn’t deserve your engagement. Fuck J.K. Rowling. Read more

May 26

This comment took an interesting left turn. From “Be wary of white women falsely accusing black men of crimes” to “Let’s not investigate a white woman accusing a white man of something that he has already been known due to do and of something for which she has some corroborating evidence even though a failure to Read more

May 24

I’m sure some SEO specialist at the tabs has pointed out they get more clicks when they use Meghan’s name than Harry’s. The public just seizes on anything to do with her a bit more, for reasons sincere and nefarious.

May 24

Yes, absolute perfection! But then the tabs would have to admit that it wasn’t Meghan’s "fault"...and they’ll never ever admit that.

May 24

Apparently, Harry hates the term “Megxit” because it implies Meghan was the one who wanted to leave the U.K., though it is a convenient pun. Perhaps “Susxit” Read more

May 24

No, you mean a man who went to serve in Afghan partly to get away from the Press and has a longstanding issue with them for, you know, getting his mother killed might have been the one to want to leave? Read more

Dec 5 2019

To take a spin on the Jezebel name they could go with a different “bad” woman from the Bible like Delilah, Salome, or Lot’s Wife or if they wanted to just go with another slang word for a “bad” woman I’ve always fancied Skank...

Dec 4 2019

I agree 100%. I did not realize I still held such anger over GOT’s ending till I gleefully thought HELL YES when I voted for GOT Creators. CANCEL THEM. 

Dec 4 2019

This is gonna be the most cathartic bracket ever. Immediately after voting I was filled with a feeling of peace and weightlessness, albeit temporarily. I guess imagining a world without YouTubers really was that therapeutic!