Cate Young
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12:30 PM

To take a spin on the Jezebel name they could go with a different “bad” woman from the Bible like Delilah, Salome, or Lot’s Wife or if they wanted to just go with another slang word for a “bad” woman I’ve always fancied Skank...

12:02 PM

I agree 100%. I did not realize I still held such anger over GOT’s ending till I gleefully thought HELL YES when I voted for GOT Creators. CANCEL THEM. 

11:28 AM

This is gonna be the most cathartic bracket ever. Immediately after voting I was filled with a feeling of peace and weightlessness, albeit temporarily. I guess imagining a world without YouTubers really was that therapeutic!

2:34 PM

Agreed. It’s way too early. But what happened to just bitching about neighbors behind their backs and moving on with your damn life? Who felt it necessary to get neighborhood officials involved? 

1:44 PM

I was on Team HOA here, until I saw the bit about the woman being 8 months pregnant. I can give her a pass for that. Read more

5:45 PM

Well, women are a marginalized group; all women, white or black, rich or poor, straight or gay, experience oppression in some way, shape or form. Atwood didn’t know how to tackle the way racial oppression would intersect with Gilead’s misogyny, so she didn’t try; the show tried, and made an absolute hash of it. Either Read more

4:54 PM

I think this is all unfair to the reality of interviewing, though. I regularly interview college kids for stuff I’m writing, and I cut out 90% of what they say. Not to be a meanie but because it doesn’t fit the scope of the article. Read more

4:08 PM

it seems like an odd stance to take -or at least, incredible that she cared enough to actively try to block it - but I sort of get it, especially because I HATED the common book they picked for us and felt quite passionately about it after. Read more

3:57 PM

asdkfjdk my GOD woman, get your head out of your ass. Sarah, you write shitty teen romance YA, you’re not out here writing the next Booker Prize novel. Of course a college junior, who is presumably in her twenties and you know, at university to challenge herself academically, wants to read something with more Read more

3:45 PM

WOW. I’m shocked by all this in part because I am a huge fan of Sarah Dessen... so I know that statement is absolutely true. Read more

7:03 PM

Some of the staffers I spoke to believe Sundermann was hired, despite rumors about his behavior, because of his friendship with Andy Cohn. A member of The Fader editorial team says staffers saw Sundermann and Cohn drinking together just before he was hired, during the same time that staffers at Noisey were waiting Read more