Thursday 9:23PM

It better, because if I can only get so hard. If they write any more I might get too hard and die.

Monday 11:57PM

I love the dark, nihilistic, mean spirited ones. The ones that are just about how much psychological pain Robin is in.

6/09/21 1:31AM

Rick and Morty is kind of in that weird place where it’s identity is torn between being a good show and its terrible, terrible fanbase.

6/08/21 12:00AM

It’s a good cast but what’s the movie about though? I mean of course there’s a plot summary, but it just doesn’t come through at all in the trailer.

6/04/21 7:42PM

Well, I never thought that it’d be so simple, but
I found a way, I found a way

6/04/21 5:15PM

Sorry, I meant to write that the entire book’s in third person.

6/03/21 7:29PM

I mean, isn’t this what the guy from the Social Dilemma calling for? Paid social media, in which we become the customer instead of the product? Read more

6/03/21 12:23AM

I would watch a Purge movie starring Gordon Ramsay, but only if it was a documentary.

6/03/21 12:22AM

I’ve heard from this person who worked with him that he was super nice irl but that was like 7 years ago.

6/02/21 6:28PM

Their handling of Doctor Manhattan was kind of weird. I think that was the main thing I think they missed the boat on. With it being implied that Angela gets Manhattan’s powers at the end, pardon my use of a cliche but it seems like more a curse than a gift.

5/31/21 7:52PM

So it goes ripping off Quentin Tarantino and then rip off Fight Club.

5/28/21 7:43PM

There was like a string of movies with 99% on them that I remember not really caring for. Inside Out, Hell or High Water, I remember there being a third but I can’t really recall it right now.

5/28/21 6:00PM

I watched If... for the first time. That was essentially everything I wanted out of a Joker movie. Where you get this amoral rage at the system.