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Nicole Dieker has been writing about personal finance for nearly a decade. She's also the author of The Biographies of Ordinary People, a Millennial-era Little Women.

Because unlawful flight is a good idea. If the underlying charge is dismissed, you can still do time for unlawful flight. Nice. Read more

Yeah... don’t do this in the very subtly hidden situation this article is pointing at. If someone zipties things together that you feel the need to un-ziptie, there is a very real possibility they won’t respond well to you undoing the ziptie. Read more

It’s important to note that the eligibility requirements you referred to in the article are for Expedited SNAP benefits alone, where your initial month/following month (depending on your application date) must be issued within 5 days; ongoing SNAP eligibility is generally far more complex, reviewing gross income Read more

Does driving into the office for work because we’re all expected to show up still count? Read more

Gotta be honest. Waking up at 6am to get my son ready for school and make breakfast is not a priority. For the last 4years it’s me doing breakfast, pack lunch, get kid dressed,o the door to school. But now that my wife is working from home and home lessons for son.... I wake up at is glorious. Read more

You’ve probably seen the meme already but just in case: Read more

Can’t let the coffee beans get stale! Read more much week night drinking Read more

I’ve continued to exercise in the mornings thankfully, switching from my usual weightlifting to bodyweight and more yoga. I’ve been able to get up later than normal which is giving me more hours of sleep and really, physically I’m feeling better now than usual.
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Checking Twitter and Facebook constantly. It’s wearing on my nerves but I can’t look away.  I’m scaring the beejesus out of myself and I know that’s not good. Read more

Drinking too much coffee. I have all my fancy machinery and beans and milk foamer from when I was an overworked grad student, so I’ll just end up making more coffee than I would drink at work. And then of course, I don’t want it to go to waste. Read more

Without a steady schedule, my sleep habits have careened off a cliff. Instead of a steady 10:30-6 sleep schedule, I’m now going to bed at like midnight or even one in the morning. Then I wake up up just early enough to login for work, finish work and then log off and take a two-three hour nap.  Not a sustainable Read more

Drinking Diet Coke. I had quit drinking it for years. Also, watching my neighbors have sex. Just fyi, not being creepy. They literally pull back the blinds and start plus I’m gay and my husband I generally comment on how their house is decorated and/or dirty. Read more

Making movie theater style popcorn on my stove with my lifehacker recommended flavocol and buttery coconut oil. Read more

So I did the fire thing and saved half my income from my 20s. I’m not retired but I quit my job in January and have no urgent need to get another one. I can live off cash on hand for a couple years before having to sell any stock . Everything will recover in that time .  Read more

How about taking a mini retirement if you get downsized, assuming you have a decent financial cushion. A recession would be a great time for this when the job market is competitive and employers’ expectations high. Don't work if you don't have to then return once the job market rebounds.  Read more

Some of this applies not only to the people who are considering getting FIREd, but also for those of us who *recently* FIREd. You still control your actions, which include, but are not limited to a range of actions from controlling your spending through to going back to work: Read more

using a “safe” withdrawal rate of 4% or more
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The market took a sound beating the past few weeks. Increase your influx IMMEDIATELY and reap the long term rewards.  Read more