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Nicole Dieker has been writing about personal finance for over six years. She's also the author of The Biographies of Ordinary People, a Millennial-era Little Women.
6:11 PM

Yes, for sure. Otherwise I wouldn’t do it. (I still buy store-brand black beans, lentils, nuts, etc. ... but cheese is so much better when it’s made well.)

3:55 PM

It turns out that I didn’t have to set up an RSS feed for a BuzzFeed “funniest tweets” search; I was able to follow BuzzFeed’s LOL Feed, which was already set up for me. (In case you want to set up your own.)

10:17 AM

I switched from PCs with floppy disk drives and CD burners and everything to Macbooks with... none of that. I guess I could have emailed them all to myself and figured out how to do the transfer into Google Sheets or Numbers.

5:06 PM

I switched the recommendation to Baba Is You—which I currently own on Steam, so I know it’s available!

2:03 PM

I used YNAB, but you should be able to get this kind of info from most personal finance apps. Some credit cards also track spending by category, so that could be another way to tally everything up.

5:15 PM

It depends on the plan. If you want to change plans, you’ll need to go through Open Enrollment, but if you want to keep the plan you have, some insurers will automatically enroll you for the next year (and some won’t, I’m assuming — so your friend should double-check).

1:08 PM

I’d transfer $3K to the balance transfer card, then pay off the remaining $2K as quickly as possible (while paying the minimum on the balance transfer card), then focus on paying that $3K down before the balance transfer intro APR expires. That method should minimize the interest you pay on your debt, assuming you can Read more

9:28 AM

Hey—it looks like this piece struck a nerve, so I’m curious if you want to start a conversation on how you choose which products to order to avoid returns. I’ll admit that I’ve employed the “order multiple versions” hack three times over the past year (twice with clothes and once with shoes), but if that’s Read more

7:09 PM

That is an excellent point, and I would not advocate doing it for every single purchase. 

1:58 PM

If you’re curious about the environmental impact of ordering products online vs. driving to the store yourself, this research suggests ordering online is actually better overall (but every time you order something and then return it, the environmental cost increases, soooooooo be aware of that): Read more

3:16 PM

I tweaked the language to prevent misunderstanding (thank you!) but you can buy items from duty free shops even if you aren’t flying internationally, can’t you? Here’s how the Dufry Duty Free Shop in SeaTac explains it: Read more

1:48 PM

Can you no longer write a check to cash? Do banks no longer use withdrawal slips? (Clearly I need to visit banks more often.)

5:49 PM

Totally fair! In this case I was directly referencing the RescueTime post, and I used “attributed to” because, as you noted, I wasn’t there when Lincoln either did or didn’t say that.   Read more