Nicole Conlan
4:06 PM

Generally, polyamory is used as a catch-all term that can describe a basically infinite number of arrangements. Most people I know would consider this triad (the typical term for a three-person arrangement, I have no idea where “throuple” came from) to be polyamorous.

2:57 PM

In my third decade of poly, I agree, but that would cause an even higher squick factor to their target market, because polyandry’s a stoning offense for a lot of people, and Middle America does not want to see two dudes who are also into each other on a show shilling for the wedding industrial complex :).

6:24 PM

Hah, can we trade for my beloved Mike Malone back please? If Boogie ain’t happy, I’m not either!

4:54 PM

Though you never saw her on camera, Nicole’s fingerprints were all over almost every video we made. Heard Doug’s mom call from his basement? That was Nicole’s dulcet tones. Saw a pair of legs flying in the air when we lost the key to the Ariel Atom? That was Nicole, making sure we didn’t have to trudge back on our own Read more

4:46 PM

If you’ve watched a Jalopnik video this year and enjoyed what you saw, thank Nicole. She and the rest of our (relatively tiny!) video team busted ass all year to take Jalopnik video from scratch to something amazing. Read more

3:02 PM

it’s probably some form of domestic terrorism, but CNN and the rest of America still don’t think white dudes opening fire on crowds counts as terrorism

2:52 PM

Largely nothing, besides Flight Club, which has not had a dedicated writer for some time. You’ll still see great stuff from us, awesome defense coverage on Foxtrot Alpha, fantastic racing stories on Black Flag, all of Collins’ insanity on Truck Yeah, even more brilliant bike stuff from Sean on Lanesplitter, and all Read more