Nick Vannucci
Mar 31 2016

But getting the seeds out of the permagranate is such a pain in the ass.

Jan 28 2016

“We charged $100 for memory cards and people STILL like this thing? That’s it... release update 3.57.”

Jan 19 2016

To review: that’s Batman with a shovel sticking out of his chest, getting to fight some more.

Dec 21 2015

It’s pretty obvious he was pissed about a team with one loss being called undefeated. No one understands that meme at all, so I can see why he got so angry.

Dec 4 2015

“Which is true? The thing we saw, or the granular, artificially enhanced, retroactive display of what actually happened? And in a football game, what defines what’s true, if not the the necessarily limited and subjective knowledge of the officials who are specifically awarded the power to interpret observed actions Read more

Oct 29 2015

Yes, yes, it’s a good thing you put Metroid Prime on there, Luke. Let’s also hear it, everyone, for Cubivore! The best game about evolution ever:

Apr 28 2015

Obama to Japanese Prime Minister: “If I tell everyone to love anime, will you finally make a sequel to Dragon Ball Z?”

Mar 30 2015

99% sure this is a scene from that terrible romcom with Gerard Butler and Katharine Heigl