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5:48 PM

I’m used to this administration regularly baffling me and crying out “what the fuck?!” in confusion and anger, but seriously, what in the actual fuck? If this was sun-downing Trump describing why Baron is good at cyber I would get it, but is this lady’s brain turning to pudding just by proximity to Trump?

1:56 PM

While I take your point, there are some second-order impacts of recycling that mean we shouldn’t just give up now. For example, more recycling increases the chances that improvements to the process will be made, making future recycling more efficient. That’s less likely with landfilling. (Consider, for example, Read more

7:41 AM

It’s close enough to being 50:50 to make the distinction moot, but most white women vote Republican. Hillary Clinton lost the white woman vote to Donald Trump. Now, imagine what the results would have been if she hadn’t been running against like the worst misogynist and probable sexual predator the Republican Party Read more

6:52 AM

Nobody asks that question (i.e., can one win?) of white men because we (full disclosure) are the only ones who ever do. And we do because we’re usually the only option, and when we’re not the only option, we’re almost always an option. Combine that with the fact that white women like to vote for white men, which is Read more

12:21 PM

G+ was a great time killer for me. I got some things featured, amassed thousands of followers (I know that’s nothing to brag about, just more fun for me) and learned to play the whole platform like a piano.

12:16 PM

Surprised, and a bit sad to see that Yahoo! Groups isn’t on this list. Sure it hasn’t been relevant for well over a decade but it was an important part of the early web, and a now lost library of forgotten content. Read more

8:25 PM

you could just read the pdf on the rubiks site and actually learn how to do it yourself...i did this for the first time a year or 2 ago (currently 37) and now i just know how to solve a standard 3x3 cube. Not fast or anything but i can do it in under 2 minutes and it’s a fun thing to do in front of people who don’t Read more

5:38 PM

Like the article mentioned, I found a YouTube tutorial helpful, but difficult to use when I got stuck. So, I turned it into a presentation with the relevant portions of the video linked next to the steps you need to do: Read more

2:58 PM

I found this guide from Rubik’s was the easiest for me to learn from. My 9 year old daughter used it too. For her I made a cheat sheet of the moves for each step. Read more

2:30 PM

Also, please don’t do what my husband’s best friend firmly believes is utterly hackerproof: pick a simple English word (e.g. skeleton), add a simple number to it (skeleton1), then just bump the number up every time you’re prompted to change your password (skeleton2).
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1:48 PM

It seems odd to me that those are the worst passwords based on popularity given that I don’t recall logging into a site in recent memory that would allow passwords that simple. I suppose maybe on your personal computers... Read more

11:45 AM

sentences are actually a good password complete with punctuation. they are easier to remember and much longer than normal passwords.

or you could you know use a password system such as last pass or keypass. with microsofts working on pins passwords may soon be much less of a problem. 

12:28 PM

52! is such a large number, that it is a near certainty that every time you’ve held a deck of well-shuffled cards, it was the first time in history that a deck of cards has ever been in that exact order.

11:32 AM

::checks watch:: I love when someone projects their anger issues on me before noon.