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But sometimes your partner doesn’t care if you match their frame. The whole conversation is a solo exercise that you happen to be present for. (That’s pretty common when, say, someone just wants to take out their anger on you, or inappropriately come onto you.) Sometimes you realize you’re the one who doesn’t Read more

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Absolutely. A lot of the bestsellers that seem to come out of nowhere are boosted by library sales. Books with a lot of buzz wind up with huge waiting lists in my library system. The library will adjust and order more copies if demand is up early.

9:07 AM

Thanks for this. The book business has always been skewed against the mid-list author, and those of us who have done battle with publishers appreciate every bit of help we can get.

8:58 AM

If buying the book isn’t an option, you can also request that your local library pre-order it. Same as an independent bookstore, a librarian will see that there is interest in the book and might order more copies or read it themselves or recommend it to other patrons.

6:33 PM

Yup this is a CBT technique. Highly recommend folks who struggle with anxiety to read up as much as possible about CBT as it is a skills-based thing for the most part.

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I recently back into “Better Call Saul” and this sounds a lot like what Chuck does when he is around electricity towards the end of season three--he starts naming random objects in his vicinity, usually colored.

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Ultimately the key is to get your mind off it. However that works best for you. I know this sounds somewhat backwards, but I find that if I play a long song I like and sing all the words it helps get my mind off it.

12:24 PM

This method has also helped me to calm a young child after a nightmare.

3:51 PM

Just like Filmstruck, FXX’s SimpsonsWorld was a streaming site that was a labor of love, offering carefully curated playlists of thematically linked episodes, audio commentaries, cut scenes, and other quality of life features that showed how much the creators cared about their show.

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So people have been waiting all this time for this new STREAMING GIANT to emerge and give us thousands of hours of content to watch, with classic movies emerging from the Disney Vault for the first time in years and groundbreaking new series like The Mandalorian.... Read more

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It’s never been less likely to get fixed than it is now. Being angry at folks over typos while they’re worried about getting laid off or driven out isn’t going to accomplish anything.