Nick Douglas
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Oct 13

I’m always torn between Camelizer and Honey, which also auto-applies coupon codes to find a better deal, frequently saving me a couple bucks on Amazon, Gap brands, and a few other major stores. But I’m guessing that Honey is also hoovering my shopping data like crazy. Any advice on the choice?

Dec 19 2019

God, yes, so many companies force bad habits onto their employees. But when writing down your passwords, you could use LastPass on your phone! It’s not much harder than keeping a text file or Post-it note, but it’s much more secure. (Have it generate word-based passwords and hand-tweak them to meet the minimal Read more

Dec 19 2019

I was ready to defend vertical video in general but lol this use of it makes NO SENSE

Dec 18 2019

Thank you! A dumb joke I always wanted to do (at a humor site, not at Lifehacker) was to publish a list of “good passwords” that looked really long and complicated. But I worry that someone would take me seriously.

Dec 16 2019

No, it doesn’t assume instantaneous distribution—Newton died a little longer than one instant ago! But it’s true that you need more information to reach the conclusion above. Read more

Dec 4 2019

Starring this because I respect good-faith opinions even if they’re wrong

Nov 27 2019

I gotta say, good on Gen for hiring so many excellent writers who suddenly had an opening in their schedules!

Nov 26 2019

Thank you, I hope at least one person reads this and opens their eyes to how much more women worry about tone, while men just plow on through, not giving a shit how they make everyone else feel.