Nick Martin
Staff Writer
Jul 26 2019

This is refreshing and hopefully his ideas are picked up by the eventual nominee (let’s be honest, at the moment he doesn’t have much of a shot, but I could be wrong). Trump’s lack of acknowledgment of Tribal issues has led GOP politicians across the nation to overlook the needs of the original inhabitants of this Read more

Jul 23 2019

This is pretty offensive bad faith, because the traditional prison system and the immigrant detention system are two sides of the same coin and the same “well, they’re a “bad person” so they deserve whatever happens to them” impulse animates both.

Jul 18 2019

I’ve been making an effort to understand how these people’s brains work, and it all kind of makes sense given their upbringing and bubbles and where they get their “news”. Read more

Jul 15 2019

Axios: New poll*  shows that homework is “stupid” and “ineffective” Read more

Jul 9 2019

As a long time Gawker refugee, my first reaction was that McGrath needed to explicitly lay out her policies and detailed approaches to imporving the lives and businesses of Kentucky with a measured and syustainable approach. Read more

Jun 25 2019

When I was younger I did time as a reporter in DC (thank god those days are past) and what I found most perspective-altering about the whole experience was realizing just how alien the idea of maintaining an adversarial relationship with power was to basically everyone I met. With rare exceptions, they all shared Read more

Jun 25 2019

A White House correspondent who resembled a young William Shatner (and didn’t want to be named) took a gulp of beer and said that the night felt like “the end of a battle, or a decent game of rugby, where at the end of the day you shake hands.” Read more

Jun 20 2019

Thanks for covering this topic; it’s something that needs a reckoning in the US (similar to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in Canada, though there are some issues with that too). Read more

Jun 6 2019

Private prison bullshit aside, this must really suck for the families of those inmates. Visitation now requires traveling from Kansas to Arizona??

Jun 6 2019

Private prisons are legal slave plantations. Kansas wants to sell humans to Arizona for their slave factories. Read more

May 31 2019

I appreciate the response. Fair enough.