Nick Denton
Aug 10 2016

Today feels a lot more like the Bridge books than the Sprawl books. Rydell’s wouldn’t even notice a politicians like Trump!

Aug 10 2016

I was sophisticated enough to know that I wasn’t being prescient, at all, but rather was recognizing, around me, early arrivals from whatever the real future might be. The distinction is crucial to being able to do the work, for me.

Aug 10 2016

“Intrigued” isn’t the word. “Creeped the fuck out by” would the correct term of art.

Jun 27 2016

pretty darn close

Jun 24 2016

Not a chance for me; I’m okay with Clinton, she’s infinitely preferable to Trump, and I realize that neither Stein nor Johnson have a chance of winning (and I don’t know enough about Johnson to know if I find him preferable to Clinton). However, I do the the sense that some of Sanders’ supporters are refusing to vote Read more