Nicholas Stango
Dec 28 2016

With this refresh Lenovo also replaced all their touchpads with Windows Precision, which is a VERY good thing. They also decided to use a Signature Edition installation of Windows instead of their traditional bloaty one. Good choice, Lenovo.

Nov 23 2016

This guy says you can’t blame the camera but then says that the new Guardians movie will be better because it is being shot on the RED. That’s... amazing that he can contradict himself so strongly within the briefness of this video.

Nov 15 2016

This is like the beginning of Game of Thrones where they find the Direwolf mom dead with an antler in it’s throat. Read more

Nov 15 2016

And add the want for HiRes lockscreen in the Windows Feedback app to make sure they know you want this! If enough people vote it up it will prioritize it as a fix

Aug 29 2016

Quite a bit by now. Wouldn’t be able to say down to the mile, but I’ve been riding it ever since this article. It looks basically the same tbh! It makes a squeak sometimes that is really annoying.