Yesterday 1:50PM

Yeah I really don't think the carbon output of one of us "Poors" saving up and being able to take one big trip each 5-10 years is relevant in the grand scheme of things compared to businessmen that fly 3+ times per month when 90% of what they are doing could be handled remotely. 

Yesterday 1:39PM

Yeah it’s cool that he’s willing to hang up his passport holder now that he has sown his wild oats but some of us never got a turn and now we’re being told we should just stay where we’ve been put. It’s for our own good, really. Read more

Yesterday 12:34PM

I was in the Philippines and needed some face lotion. It was hard to find the normal face lotion with no whitening. And I saw lots of ads for them too. Read more

Yesterday 12:29PM

I made peace with this a long time ago. It's called "being fucking poor" lol. 

Yesterday 12:05PM

Some of the craziest shit I’ve ever seen was skin lightening creams in India. Or when I was deep in Mexico but could easily (EASILY) see how all the rich people were the lightest color and the darkest were the poorest. Read more

Yesterday 11:51AM

I went from having no fucking idea what this place even is, to learning there’s one not 10 minutes from my office, in about 3 minutes. So there’s that. 

Tuesday 2:42PM

You strike me as the type of guy who pisses into empties in his living room.

Tuesday 11:48AM

I saw it two wives ago. All three came out poorly. But I still think that Jude Law was robbed of a Best Supporting Actor nomination.

Tuesday 11:44AM

It is “funny” how they cannot give any detail on the shooting because of an ongoing investigation, yet they can give all the details about the warrant and the criminal records of all the people in the city... Read more

Monday 6:14PM

The best part of this movie that had me cheering like a teenage girl at a boy band concert was when they were in space fighting the pterodactyl-like kaiju that was ripping the Jaeger apart, the main character (Raleigh) had accepted defeat, but his partner said “Nah dawg, we’ve got A MOTHERFUCKING SECRET SWORD IN OUR Read more

Monday 6:12PM

Guillermo just has this eye for details. Dude elevates whatever project he’s involved with. It’s those hundreds of tiny little details that he gets right and others fimmakers overlook that make all the difference. The Non-Guillermo Pacific Rim and Hellboy projects suffer greatly in comparison to his versions of the Read more

Monday 5:09PM

You will now be forced to relive today until you come to your senses. I hope you made something yummy for breakfast as you will have to eat it over and over a few thousand times.

Monday 3:16PM

Except it isn’t. Pinching the browser forces it into single-page mode where (at my resolution) I get about the same amount per screen as the slides but I don’t have to load an entire new page for each list entry. A short flick of the mouse wheel and I go down to the next. Leagues better than loading 35 individual Read more

Monday 2:38PM

Has there ever been a really great Batman movie in that respect? Begins is the only one that foregrounds Batman; I remember thinking it was a little boring but I should probably see it again. The rest are all villains-first.

Monday 1:51PM

Every “best superhero movie list” has to shock us by putting The Dark Knight at #2 and a random Marvel movie at #1. That’s just because no one wants to admit what we all know: The Dark Knight is the best superhero movie, and that’s not likely to change. Read more