Yesterday 6:55PM

 . . .because fresh jalapeños are the same heat level as most 'spicy' burgers??

Yesterday 6:53PM

I started getting ads for Jollibee last year. One finally is opening up here.

Yesterday 3:33PM

A few years ago, in a comedy special, I believe it was Dave Chapelle that said that LGBTQ+ people need to learn to wait, as if waiting worked out so well for the black community or other people of color. Read more

Yesterday 3:10PM

We will never see flying cars. Self drying cars is still 10+ out, especially if Tesla keeps their shenanigans up because people overall will trust them less the more we jave stupid accidents.

Yesterday 3:09PM

This. Pre covid, my brother was going on 10+ business trips a year and I don’t mean one to Toronto, I mean to places like Sydney or Taiwan. One year, he was flying 3 times a month. Read more

Tuesday 3:51PM

Emily Blunt is just damned good in pretty much everything. The Oscars have straight up failed to recognize and award her for efforts. Read more

Tuesday 3:47PM

With a few small tweaks, Minority Report could have been so amazing. It was fine, but just not remarkable.

Tuesday 3:46PM

Lie Die Repeat is definitely more rewatchable than Palm Springs. The only other groundhog day themed thing that is better is the Stargate SG1 episode.

Tuesday 3:37PM

The sequel was more of a let down than I thought it would be. The first film is just perfect. Read more

Tuesday 3:31PM

No Knock warrants need to go. I don't give a fuck if it is dangerous. That is part of the job of being a police officer. They have to live up to 'Serve and Protect' and really appreciate what that means: that they are here to protect everyone, not just those who it is convinent to protect.

Tuesday 2:23PM

And it isn’t like they wouldn't have been aware of the impending invasion. They literally borrowed people from their own past. Get everyone else to work to so that, when the aliens arrive, it is a slaughter and they never even make landfall.