Natt Garun
Jun 30 2014

No one is outraged that Facebook is conducting research. We're outrage that Facebook is conducting psychological research on users without telling them first. And this part: Read more

Dec 17 2013

Yes! Former Gizmodo intern Natt spotted that on the Twitters. The worst sin of all in this ad is training people to take bad videos.

Aug 21 2013

Yeaaaah. The prices weren't in ascending order, so I was going to ask the same question...

Aug 1 2013

Kyle adamantly refused an edit once when I tried to ad-lib a stale dick joke into one of his porn stories.

Jul 2 2013

I'll be honest, my dog barks VERY AGGRESSIVELY at anyone who comes within 20 yards of our front door. Which means that this would basically invite pretty much anyone in?

Jul 1 2013

Good on Microsoft. And last time I played Halo online, apparently all the good players were gay according to other players.

May 15 2013

The fact that you think you can objectively call someone a bitch without it being problematic is, well, a problem.