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8:23 PM

Sighted outside PAX West: Satanists. The Seattle chapter of the Satanic Temple was looking for new recruits outside the Seattle-based convention earlier today, bearing signs with phrases like “Love thyself” and “Love is never a sin.” I was surprised to see them orbiting PAX until I remembered that Satanists love video

9:05 PM

One Monster RPG is a game in which you raise a slime as though it was your own... so you can kill it. You play as a level 99 hero who’s on the tantalizing cusp of level 100, but there’s only one monster left in the world, and it’s history’s scrawniest slime. So you lead the slime around, letting it devour animals,

9:20 PM

Riot says it has reached a settlement with two women who filed a gender discrimination lawsuit late last year. At the time, the women, one current and one former employee, accused Riot of gender-based discrimination and a “men-first” environment that impacted their pay and career advancement. Today, however, Riot

6:40 PM

CD Projekt has released a lengthy video of The Witcher 3 running on the Nintendo Switch. It’s impressive that the developer managed to squeeze such a massive game onto Nintendo’s diminutive game slab, but there’s some gnarly pop-in that—if I’m being honest—is distracting me to a worrying degree. Hopefully I’ll be able

2:22 PM

Kerbal Space Program is getting a sequel. Announced during today’s Gamescom opening presentation, Kerbal Space Program 2 will be coming to PC, PS4, and Xbox One next year.