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Agree with everything here. And too many games are taking this mmo-lite approach with dailies and battle passes and limited time events and the majority of us do not want to only play one game as end all be all. And i know for people like me who have OCD completion tendencies it frustrates and mentally hurts so much Read more

Well, he clearly likes Genshin impact a lot, and the issue isn’t hating the game. It’s being frustrated with it, and hoping for certain things to be improved, get better. I’m in the same boat as Nathan, honestly - Genshin is some of the most fun I’ve had with a game in years. But at the same time, the predatory Read more

I’m saying this for you but also several others in the comment section. This is unnecessarily rude. We’ve given two hours of our lives to a show that only has six episodes. It’s entirely fair to critique what they’ve done so far with race in the writing of the series. We write about each episode individually too. This Read more

I’d be more pissed about Twitch taking 35% than about taxes. In my uninformed, caveman opinion, any service, digital or physical, that takes more than 10% is criminal (hyperbolically).

The $1 per sub thing feels a little hollow. Like, it’s certainly nice he’s donating to charity (it’d be nicer if he clarified which one or at least what kind), but it’s hard to feel good about a clear ploy for more money. Topped off by it being the subcount at the end and not, like, the highest count or whatever Read more

These employees are so entitled, expecting an indie studio like CIG to have the ability to treat staff humanely and not go out of business. It’s not like it’s made of mon... oh...

...but still, my hope is that when these giants collapse, it creates maybe a little bit of space for specialist mom ‘n’ pop shops to exist again Read more

From the word go, Call of Duty was always the slightly creepier, more jingoistic take on ‘historic’ AAA shooters. Early on, it was likely just a way to distinguish itself from Medal of Honor’s more Spielbergian approach to identical subject matter. But as time’s gone on and Call of Duty delved into more contemporary Read more

Any time you hear about something incredibly corrupt destroying American lives, turns out Reagan helped it get there. 

It still needs to be driven home though. This is an experience that, unlike a Dead Cells or Hades, can be messed up by some bad bugs. We’ve been treated to some very smooth Early Access periods lately, but it’s important to remind people that not all games turn out this way.
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I got hades on epic and I’m up to around 10 skulls for each weapon on the pact of punishment. I had a challenge that I needed to complete (think it was beat the game under a really tight timer?) and I realized that I didn’t need pacts on to do it and it was soo easy. Beat hades without losing a single life the whole Read more

For once..I’m jealous I didn’t snag a Switch. I’ll have to wait a bit. But this gif shall feed me for 10000000000 years.

My wife & I tried Spellbreak the other day, and it was a wild experience. Neither of us are big battle royale players, but I’ve got a bit more of an edge than her in that category.

In our first game we found, to our elation, that ‘hey, we’re pretty good at this’. We won engagements, retreated wisely, and were generally Read more

Steam reviews are a goldmine for this game.

This is a shining-bright example of how the fucking scum of the Internet hides behind their keyboards spamming “KYS BITCH, NOBODY LOVES YOU, YOU’RE FUCKING WORTHLESS!!” until they actually do it.

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When I first started playing Apex Legends, the ping system that made it so I didn’t have to use voice chat in order to communicate pertinent, relevant information felt downright revolutionary, because voice chat for the longest time has been the domain of every dipshit who thinks anonymity gives them the right to Read more

I knew something was up the second I saw the standard circus of reactionary youtube gamer chuds all targeting one single person with a laser focus. Like, that’s your immediate clue to know whatever “anger” going on is entirely performative and in bad faith.  

They found their target of the month—and a woman too, how Read more

Some people reaaaally need to stick to games

Does this article have drops enabled?

Fwiw, there was followup from the CEO of the esports division.