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8:13 PM

I’ve actually been rewatching the show for the last two weeks and I’ve made a few observations as an adult.

1:37 PM

I’m the odd person in out in that I like the bare-bones nature of the current library.

1:20 PM

My god, that looks horrible.  I don’t want all that extraneous #!@$ cluttering up my nice simple Library pane.  There’s a reason I have Library set as my default instead of the store page - it’s not full of stupid graphics & other crap!

9:16 PM

Sigh, he just gave the ideologies he disapproves of just low hanging fruit to discredit him. People just need to choose their words more carefully, or just at least realize what they’re about to say is just going to make matters worse.

9:10 PM

I’m somewhat disappointed in Hasan (but still support him), bc he could easily avoided this drama by being less outrageous in his wording by rather saying that the responsibility for 9/11 was largely a function of US imperialism in the Middle East, which lead to the creation and objectives of Al Qaida.

6:00 PM

Yeah, I really liked it but it really needed more time to breathe and let it’s ideas and story set in. I know it’s DLC and definitely on a budget but I completed it in about 2 hours. It needed to be at least 4 or 5. More quiet moments like the slime clearing section were definitely needed. Like a longer segment of

9:23 PM

I get that not everyone (a) understands or (b) agrees with what, say, feminists do all the time. But there’s a distinct difference between a good faith attempt to engage and celebrating one’s ignorance:

8:22 PM

Dude terminx and daedolon come off as really entitled broey jerks in those messages. The perfect toxic pair of, “I say edge shit” & “Because I don’t understand it, it’s stupid.” The whole discord seems filled with people who love to live in a state of purposeful misunderstanding because it fits their agenda.

Also, a

7:52 PM

Good for the Trevor Project, that’s wonderful, but have they learned anything and will they change their behavior in any way? Because I’m not convinced that they know that the problem isn’t that they got caught, it’s that it happened in the first place. But sensitivity training, I guess. Hooray.

7:22 PM

This is the sort of anxiety I feel in almost any game I play that lets me choose character dialogue or otherwise influence the narrative by imposing my perspective, morals and ideals.

I’m replaying Kotor II right now and I’m constantly bumping up against that impulse; I strive for naturalistic in-the-moment decisions,

7:16 PM

yeaaaah I only want a few of the characters but what they want from me in terms of skills largely doesn't overlap. I cringe when I get things "wrong" but also am learning to accept it lol

5:07 PM

In Competitive Play and Quick Play, players choose their role before finding a game. The matchmaking system will create a team that is comprised of two tanks, two supports, and two damage heroes.

5:06 PM

Hey you Classic Lit majors, write a Sonnet about 2-2-2 comps.

3:52 PM

Summits real name is dope as hell. Sounds like a better gamer tag than the one he uses. 

4:36 PM

But right now, applications of its full potential are basically non-existent, meaning those hands don’t have much in the way of legs.

6:30 PM

It is approximately 1 million times easier. I played dota, but my non-dota friends got their bearings within a few matches in Underlords. You can get pretty far just collecting synergies/alliances without really understanding the spells or individual heroes. It also helps that there’s ~1/3rd as many heroes as a normal