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Jul 2

This is a shining-bright example of how the fucking scum of the Internet hides behind their keyboards spamming “KYS BITCH, NOBODY LOVES YOU, YOU’RE FUCKING WORTHLESS!!” until they actually do it.

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May 20

When I first started playing Apex Legends, the ping system that made it so I didn’t have to use voice chat in order to communicate pertinent, relevant information felt downright revolutionary, because voice chat for the longest time has been the domain of every dipshit who thinks anonymity gives them the right to Read more

May 19

I knew something was up the second I saw the standard circus of reactionary youtube gamer chuds all targeting one single person with a laser focus. Like, that’s your immediate clue to know whatever “anger” going on is entirely performative and in bad faith.  

They found their target of the month—and a woman too, how Read more

Feb 28

D.Va really got the short end of the off-tank stick on this one.
Zarya and Hog got multi-character, expansive coverage and D.Va just gets a matrix that lasts longer. Read more

Feb 28

yeah, I was running support for my first few games, and it really seemed like at some point, the DPS decided it was much easier to go after the healers and then burn down the tank..  I was running for my life more often than pocketing a tank or topping off DPS.

Feb 28

Yeah, I thought it was the good foundation for an arcade mode if you beefed up the tanks even more to effectively make them bosses, but as a replacement for the actual Overwatch experience, I thought it was horrid. From my experience, it felt like the whole team suddenly had a single point of failure and attempting to Read more

Feb 18

I really enjoyed it, though it did start to show the base XOne’s age, though I do think in some ways it’s the weakest piece of DLC. The open world isn’t really used to its best potential, not giving away that it’s surprisingly linear until you’ve advanced quite some way into the story. Read more

Feb 7

The ending of the Cell Saga was well done, and if you consider even the original felt like a natural ending. Read more

Feb 7

I can respect bowing out on this. Honestly they did amazing work for the three arcs they did and I often wondered if they would ever finish it given that few people have an emotional attachment to the Buu arc in the first place (myself included). I think opinions would be stronger if they stopped completley having not Read more

Feb 2

I actually lost track of which episode count I was on and didn’t realize I was on the series finale until the credits and...that was it.

I love the ending because it’s more interesting to ponder what comes next than for him to have died, or even for him to have resolution. This is the type of ending that lets my mind Read more

Oct 24

This article is so timely for me. I’m playing D&D for the first time for my 32nd birthday party on Saturday  (actual bday Sunday), and myself and several party members have social anxiety. I posted this on the event facebook page and everyone is like omg thank you. so yeah. Oh em gee thank you.

Oct 24

As a DM with anxiety, I heartily endorse talking with your DM before a game. My entire enjoyment is derived from my everyone in the party having fun (and killing things). I would bet that most DM’s feel the same unless they’re just a vindictive prick who wants to abuse his players, in which case I’d recommend trying Read more

Oct 24

As a DM who has a player with severe anxiety, I personally recommend taking regular breaks. Give the players a chance to get up, and move around.

Oct 24

And while it’s not optimal, you can play DND pretty passively if you need time to warm up to it. You can just follow the party around and just toss out a spell or attack when prompted. That way you can just observe, get a feel for the style of the campaign, and jump in when/if you feel ready.

Oct 24

I’ve been playing and DMing D&D for over 30 years, and every time I try to do an accent, I end up at, “Scottish person recovering from a stroke.”