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4:50 PM

This article is so timely for me. I’m playing D&D for the first time for my 32nd birthday party on Saturday  (actual bday Sunday), and myself and several party members have social anxiety. I posted this on the event facebook page and everyone is like omg thank you. so yeah. Oh em gee thank you.

4:44 PM

As a DM with anxiety, I heartily endorse talking with your DM before a game. My entire enjoyment is derived from my everyone in the party having fun (and killing things). I would bet that most DM’s feel the same unless they’re just a vindictive prick who wants to abuse his players, in which case I’d recommend trying Read more

4:22 PM

As a DM who has a player with severe anxiety, I personally recommend taking regular breaks. Give the players a chance to get up, and move around.

4:21 PM

And while it’s not optimal, you can play DND pretty passively if you need time to warm up to it. You can just follow the party around and just toss out a spell or attack when prompted. That way you can just observe, get a feel for the style of the campaign, and jump in when/if you feel ready.

4:15 PM

I’ve been playing and DMing D&D for over 30 years, and every time I try to do an accent, I end up at, “Scottish person recovering from a stroke.”

5:08 PM

I’ve never played the original game, or this game, but was curious when it hit Steam for free. I downloaded it, and like the others that were new to the game, I felt COMPLETELY and utterly lost. Had to research online just how to start the campaign, and even then, it doesn’t really feel like I’m getting ANY of the Read more

7:00 PM

I got to 21 before I quit. I probably would have stayed if I could have got on the server I actually wanted to roll on with all my friends... but trying to level solo is such a boring grind. Read more

8:13 PM

I’ve actually been rewatching the show for the last two weeks and I’ve made a few observations as an adult. Read more

1:37 PM

I’m the odd person in out in that I like the bare-bones nature of the current library.

1:20 PM

My god, that looks horrible.  I don’t want all that extraneous #!@$ cluttering up my nice simple Library pane.  There’s a reason I have Library set as my default instead of the store page - it’s not full of stupid graphics & other crap!

9:16 PM

Sigh, he just gave the ideologies he disapproves of just low hanging fruit to discredit him. People just need to choose their words more carefully, or just at least realize what they’re about to say is just going to make matters worse. Read more

9:10 PM

I’m somewhat disappointed in Hasan (but still support him), bc he could easily avoided this drama by being less outrageous in his wording by rather saying that the responsibility for 9/11 was largely a function of US imperialism in the Middle East, which lead to the creation and objectives of Al Qaida.
Read more

6:00 PM

Yeah, I really liked it but it really needed more time to breathe and let it’s ideas and story set in. I know it’s DLC and definitely on a budget but I completed it in about 2 hours. It needed to be at least 4 or 5. More quiet moments like the slime clearing section were definitely needed. Like a longer segment of Read more