Nathan Grayson
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May 20

short version: if everybody on one team can communicate without fear of being harassed (and therefore without the need to mute voice comms or whatever), they’re probably going to be more coordinated than a team with one or more members who can’t just easily use chat. even beyond the harassment issue, if you’re looking Read more

Dec 23

I, for one, am *extremely* willing to entertain the idea that the cats from Cats are the result of a curse, a thousands-of-years-old Djinn, or one of several incredibly fucked up Polish folk tales.

Sep 27

there’s a fuckton wrong with what you just said, but I’m just gonna go with the really obvious thing and point out that this was a panel dedicated to people with physical disabilities like, you know, the inability to see, hear, or use certain limbs. so in addition to looking like a giant asshole right now, you also Read more

Aug 22

can’t speak for anyone else, but I think we all use it the same way everybody does right now: to play a few specific games we can only play on epic. otherwise, it’s way too barebones to be anyone’s go-to pc gaming store right now

Aug 22

every rpg until the end of time as imagined by larian (the makers of divinity: original sin 2)

Aug 22

sometimes this stuff ebbs and flows. maybe a reporter is working on other projects and doesn’t have time to hit nitty gritty news on a particular day. this is true of many games--not just fortnite. our staff is not particularly large, but we do what we can