Feb 18

Looks far better with the chin spoiler up and out of sight. 

Feb 17

Of course the Puma ST won’t sell well in the US.  Look at the front of the car.  It doesn’t look anywhere near angry enough.  

Feb 12

In case anyone wants to actually see the cool tires mentioned in the headline without going on a fucking goose chase:

Feb 11

Yes, that is a fucked-up garbage regulation that is absolutely the product of bought-and-paid-for politicians saying whatever their shitty, lazy, incompetent, confused, inefficient, dumbass masters at the utility make them say when they shove their hands up their asses and make their mouths move like puppets. Fuck Read more

Feb 5

I have an early Tesla Model S (2013 P85) before Tesla started filling the center console space with an actual center console. Looks like this:

Feb 5

TBF, you probably shouldn’t be giving creepy fucks rides to begin with. Personally, I prefer a seat where a lady passenger can feel free to slide over and cuddle, if she so chooses.

Feb 3

None of those changes made a significant impact on it’s offroad performance, they were also just f150 things that transferred over to the Raptor, with the exception of the T-case, which made it better on-road but had marginal offroad impact if any. They changed the other things on the Raptor because they changed them Read more

Jan 20

Welcome to the new Internet: just like the old Internet, but faster and with more dishonest opinions.

Jan 11

Jason, lets face it, you’ve tripled Changli’s total import numbers.

Jan 6

This is the directly result of calling 4 door cars, coupes. It’s both confusing and outrageous and makes clowns cry.

Jan 6

This is what happens when we let automatics and crossovers take over. 

Jan 5

...he’s an engineer from Seattle...I’d estimate that Robert spent over $1,500,000 just building his home. Maybe even 2 million. Read more

Dec 15

This is kind of rare, but this thing leaves me completely cold, unmoved, and care-less.