Nov 20

Context is important here, this app was very popular years back when the default android SMS client wasn’t amazing, and every manufacturer made their own shitty SMS app too.
Dunno why you’d use it in 2020.

Nov 16

Sony owns the movie rights, that’s it. The 2018 Spider-Man game is only PS exclusive because Sony published it. Read more

Nov 13

She probably hasn’t spent the last few years baking in the Tatooine suns.

Nov 12

Lt. Nilsson is played by Sara Mitch who played Airiam in season 1. She appears to be the most senior bridge officers after Saru and Michael as she’s been in command most of the times those two aren’t on the bridge this season. Read more

Nov 7

These show have had problems like this before (sexual harasser Andrew Kreisberg, anyone? He was for years one of the bosses), I wouldn’t write off her accusations. Read more

Nov 7

I mean, there was the problem of one of the main showrunners being a serial sexual harasser and getting away with it for years...

Oct 28

This made me feel like I should cancel my preorder of CP2077. But then I also thought that doing so would do the dev team a huge disservice for all the hard work and long hours they’ve been putting into it.

Oct 28

Add all of this to the pile of reasons that one should NEVER HARASS, THREATEN, OR OTHERWISE GIVE ANY SHIT, EVER, to game devs for any goddamn reason. I don’t care that you took vacation time, I don’t care that you bought a new console or new pc hardware, I don’t care how pissed you are for whatever reason.

These people Read more

Oct 28

If you are the type of person who thinks a death threat is an appropriate reaction to a delay, you are just a total piece of shit. 

Oct 27

You know there is a picture with black scribbles on it as part of this article, right? Those black scribbles are words, and address, specifically, this “point.”

Oct 26

Oscar Isaac isn’t exactly a megastar. He’s been in big movies but he’s never led anything major on his own. He’s always part of an ensemble cast. Furthermore, a lot of his filmography does lend itself to the idea he is kind of a nerd and at least enjoying being in genre style content. Read more

Oct 24

I have as much animosity towards McFarland as anyone who wasn’t directly conned by him could/should, but jesus christ... solitary confinement? Can’t a judge just issue some kind of injunction against him giving interviews that could be used for profitable enterprises? Read more

Oct 24

I fully realize there are businesses in equally dire straits. But I cannot think of one sector of business so vulnerable to the rolling clusterfuck of this pandemic than the film business. The dominoes are huge and their fall is a tsunami of economic pain. Filming can employ several thousand people, the studios Read more

Oct 19

what does it say about the state of this industry that our thoughts immediately spiral to ‘oh god what geneva convention is being violated today’ vs ‘oh shit that’s a little creepy’

Oct 16

I am absolutely tickled pink at the prospect of getting so much Star Trek over the next decade-ish that they may make me sick of Star Trek. I wouldn’t have thought that possible after Enterprise’s cancellation.